Swedish Government FINALLY Cracking Down on Invaders – Wants to Deport 6-Year-Old Ukrainian Orphan

Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018

Too pale for Sweden

I always wondered what it would look like if Adam Sandler made a movie based on 1984.

Now, thanks to Sweden, I wonder no more…

Voice of Europe:

When Denis was only 5 years old, his mother was found dead in an apartment in Södertälje. As his Ukrainian father has renounced custody, he is now an orphan.

Now the Swedish Migration Agency has decided that he will be expelled to Ukraine all by himself. There, he will probably end up in an orphanage since he has no family there who can take care of him, reports Expressen.

In all fairness, it kinda is the kid’s fault.

I mean, he doesn’t contribute anything to the economy, unlike the horde of black and brown people that Swedes are so eager to import.

Look how hard Moslems are working to stimulate Sweden’s auto industry

Denis applied for a residence permit with his mother on 9 November 2017. She, in turn, applied as a spouse to her then partner.

On 10 March this year Denis’ mother was found dead. The police initially arrested a man, but the suspicions were written off later.

According to district prosecutor Emma Olsson, there is no longer any suspicion that a crime has been committed, writes Länstidningen in Södertälje.

The prosecutor being a woman, I’m just gonna assume this broad shacked up with some variety of brown person who then killed her and was later let loose so there would be no suspicion of racism.

Just an educated guess…

Today, Denis lives with his maternal grandparents who came to Sweden six years ago. They have, in turn, applied to adopt him, but the Migration Agency remains committed to its decision to expel Denis.

Has Sweden ever deported any non-White, ever?

Every time I read one of these articles, it is Whites being deported, and I suspect they’re targeting the ones that actually work for a living.

“It will be orphanage. He has no family over there”, says Midia Soufi, Denis’ legal guardian. She argues that Denis is in an extremely vulnerable situation with one dead parent and one who has renounced custody through a Ukrainian court.

If he is expelled he will lose his only security which today is his maternal grandparents. In August, Midia Soufi applied for deportation impediment to try to stop the expulsion, but the Migration Agency chose to suspend the decision. And Denis will therefore be expelled.

Shame he’s not a terrorist, or else some skank would throw a hissy fit to keep him there.

“We must secure the destruction of our race, and a future for bearded brown children.” -Some Swedish thot

It makes one question how at the same time Sweden is allowing some 9000 Afghans, many of whom have been found to have lied about their origin and age, where there is not enough housing nor employment for all of them.

As well, some have wondered why the Swedish government is allowing Muslims, some of which are extremists who firebomb synagogues or kill their relative with a rock, to stay for “humanitarian” reasons.

I don’t understand why the author here is talking about Moslems firebombing synagogues like it’s a bad things, it’s literally their only redeeming quality.

As for the kid, well, he’s lucky in a sense.

I don’t think orphanages in Ukraine are very nice places but given the direction Sweden is going in, they’re probably gonna look really good by comparison very, very soon.

And just so you remember who to thank for that: