Swedish Feminists Organize Women-Only Music Festival

Daily Stormer
July 6, 2017

Some of you might remember that a couple of days ago, I wrote an article about how Sweden’s biggest music festival was being cancelled due to hajis raping and assaulting everything that has a vagina.

Swedish feminists have since found a (((solution))) to this.


Swedish feminist Emma Knyckare has an answer to the rising number of sex assaults at Swedish music festivals: organise events where men aren’t allowed to attend.

Ms Knyckare says she is organising a new outdoor music festival for women by women in which men will not be allowed to participate Swedish broadcaster SVTreports. The proposed women-only rock festival already has a number of backers and people willing to support it she claims.

“There are very many who want to help. Everything from project managers, festival organisers, cleaners, nurses and musicians,” Knyckare said.

I checked this whore, and she’s not a kike. Her (((ideas))) were put in her empty skull by the kikes though. Seriously, we need to put these broads back where they belong. The particularly repellent ones like this one, we can just nail their feet to the kitchen floor.

Ms Knyckare, who is known in Sweden as a comedian and radio personality, said she wants to create a festival atmosphere where women feel safe.

Those things used to exist, you know. They were called “White countries,” and women were generally safer there than anywhere else in the world. But thanks mostly to (((feminists))), those are rapidly disappearing, and instead you’re getting a nightmarish diversitopia where rape is as normal as it is in Africa and the middle-east.

White female privilege is hoarding all that diversity just for yourself and then forgetting to apologize for slavery

“It was an idea I had for all those men who rape at festivals … this was a solution,” she said. The solution to Sweden’s music festival sex assault problem, according to Knyckare, is to simply ban men from attending the event. She also said men would be banned from performing at the festival as well.

Asked if she thought it was important to have equality, Knyckare said that the safety of women was more important. “I think more that there should be a place where half the population can go and feel safe,” she said.

It is unlikely that men will ever be allowed to attend Knyckare’s festival in the future either. When asked if men could ever potentially attend she said, “yes if they stop raping.”

Do you feminist cunts know why you can’t walk the streets safely at night?

It’s not because a lot of men are rapists or murderers or muggers or what have you – those are a very tiny proportion of the male population, at least among Whites and yellows. The problem is not that there’s lots of rapists running around, but that the only thing that can protect a woman from a man is another man. Let’s be clear on this – a 12-year-old boy can beat a grown woman to death within a few minutes, without any kind of training or weapons, if he really puts his mind to it.

The demented lies of (((feminism))) and (((Hollywood))), that women can “kick ass” and beat up men and be tough – when in reality they can’t even open a fucking jar of pickles without a man – is what’s really putting women in danger. It’s like teaching sheep that they could hunt and eat wolves if only they weren’t oppressed by the patriarchal sheepdogs.

Sex attacks plagued Swedish music festivals last year as many men often described as having a “foreign origin,” molested and raped girls who were often underage.

The trend continued year at the Bravalla Festival last week as more and more reports came out from girls who claimed to have been assaulted and raped. The sex assaults ultimately led to the organisers of Bravalla to cancel next year’s festival.

“Foreign origin.”

And here you get to the crux of the matter: If feminists actually did care about rape, they would have one single policy – and that’s castrating every man who isn’t White or yellow on the face of the planet, which would make rape almost as rare as a Jew who doesn’t want to sexually liberate 3-year-olds.

But feminism has nothing to do with protecting women, but with the destruction of the White race. Hence, instead of that common sense policy that I pointed out, they care about stuff like this: