Swedish Female Asylum Worker Fired and Investigated for Saying Arabs Lie

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2016


If you don’t believe these refugees are 12-year-old, you have to go to prison.

In Sweden, denial of Arab victim status is now akin to Holocaust denial in Germany.

No one can question the narrative, under any circumstances, or they will be punished severely.


A female interpreter at the Swedish Migration Board has been suspended from duty and is awaiting an investigation for her ‘inappropriate’ comment that many Arabs “lie about their background” to secure asylum in Sweden.

The interpreter, who allegedly spoke disparagingly of Arabs during an interview with Syrian asylum-seekers in Örebro, Sweden, was suspended from duty, Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported. The woman reportedly welcomed the tightening of the Swedish asylum laws and said that Arabs who come to Sweden are lying and exaggerating about their backgrounds and personal histories in order to make it easier to obtain asylum and welfare bonuses.

The interpreter herself was reported to have a Christian Iraqi background. While tens of thousands of Christians have been enslaved by Daesh or forced to flee Northern Iraq and neighboring parts of Syria, they are commonly discriminated against by Muslim refugees.

She had responded negatively to a journalist’s lament regarding the stricter asylum laws. She explained that “many” Arabs who come to Sweden lie and exaggerate how bad they had it in their home countries in order to more easily obtain asylum.

“Arabs do not have it that bad in their home countries. They can live anywhere, in Syria or any other Arab nation. Nobody forces them to come here,” the female interpreter said, as quoted by Dagens Nyheter.

Now, the woman has been suspended from her job at the Migration Board, whereas the case itself has been reported to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency for ethical investigation.

This is intended to send a message.

The multicultural paradise of Sweden is incredibly fragile. If people are allowed to freely speak about what is actually going on – what everyone but the very most brainwashed know is going on – the whole thing will collapse in on itself.

So it is necessary to keep things chilled, to make it clear that anyone who dares state obvious facts will have their lives ruined.

This is the nature of the human rights-based democratic system given to us by the Jews.


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