Swedish Airports Encourage Nubile Kebabesses to Hide Spoons in Underwear

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2018

Swedish airports used to be boring and predictable places to work. Security would sit at their desks all day, twiddling their thumbs as hundreds of law-abiding Swedes passed in and out of the buildings without plotting a single bombing, drug run or 9/11.

Multiculturalism changed all that. Nowadays, Swedish airports are blessed with regular acts of enrichment, and staff are expected to adapt to new and surprising cultural challenges all the time.

And some of those challenges… wow.

Talk about job variety!


Girls in Sweden are being advised that if they fear being taken overseas to be subjected to a forced marriage or Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that they should hide a spoon in their underwear.

“The spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks,” said Katarina Idegård who is the development manager for the unit charged with tackling honour-based violence in Sweden’s second biggest city Gothenburg.

A woman in charge of an honor-based violence unit. What could possibly go wrong?

“You will be taken aside and you can then talk to staff in private,” Ms. Idegård told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

It is a last chance to sound the alarm,” she added.

Last chance? Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that Sweden would ever let a precious Moslem slip from its hands.

If a hajess forgot to put a spoon in her panties at Gothenburg airport and ended up getting married to a 75-year-old goat farmer in Yemen, an entire squadron of high-speed military jets – all piloted by Swedish volunteers – would track her down and bring her back to Sweden.

With her new husband.

And his extended family.

You know it’s true.

The secret code came from an original idea by British honour culture victims’ charity Karma Nirvana. Despite 5,391 new cases of FGM in 2016-2017 alone, not one single child abuser has been convicted for the practice in the UK.

I also find this hard to believe. Spoons and other blunt weapons are illegal in the UK, so unless the individual who spread this idea was a British nationalist who wanted to get Moslems arrested at airports for possession of kitchenware (improbable, since the UK’s remaining four nationalists fled to Thailand last summer), I suspect that this statement is BS.

Nonetheless, it’s good that Swedish airports have found a way to prevent young kebabesses from exiting the country; the last thing Sweden needs is a brain drain. Some of us are old enough to remember what Sweden was like before it became colorful, and it was just so lifeless and drab.

Multiculturalism made it much better, just as fellow white person Barbara Lerner Specter said it would!

Stockholm, 1998. *shudder* 

Let’s just hope that airport security don’t start planting spoons on all Moslems intending to leave.

Because that sort of abuse can happen, you know.

When people are desperate to hang on to something good.