Swedes Trying to Flee Into Finnish Lockdown

Imagine trying to escape not being locked down into being locked down.

“I have to get somewhere where I can be told what to do as much as people in other countries are being told what to do…!”

When America goes full Black Lives Matter after Joe Biden gets elected, there will be Swedish women trying to get into America so they can be killed by blacks. But they won’t be allowed to come, because America doesn’t allow white immigrants.


Twice as many Swedes have applied for Finnish citizenship so far this year than applied throughout all of 2019, with embassy workers speculating that the countries’ divergent coronavirus responses might be the cause.

So far in 2020, over 300 Swedish citizens have applied for Finnish citizenship, while just 152 applied in the entirety of 2019.

“We have received a lot of applications and it is only summer,” said Jouni Laaksonen, deputy head of mission at the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm.

But we do not know for sure, because you do not have to give a basis for why you apply for Finnish citizenship. But it’s probably because of the coronavirus. People want to ensure that they can come to Finland,” Laaksonen added.

The official says the majority of the applicants are former Finnish citizens who became Swedish citizens before 2003, after which dual citizenship was permitted in Sweden’s neighbor to the east.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic Finland’s border with Sweden remains closed to those without a valid reason for entering the country. Finnish authorities have listed repatriation among the reasons that are considered valid.

By the way, just for anyone wondering – Sweden is still not in a lockdown, they still have a lower death toll than most countries with a lockdown.

This entire thing was a complete hoax, and Sweden is the glaring, obvious proof of it. The media has responded by simply refusing to mention Sweden in virtually any context at all.