Sweden’s Chief Epidemiologist Says World Went Crazy with Lockdowns, WHO Misinterpreted Data

Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist.

Anders Tegnell prevented Sweden from succumbing to the Doom Virus narrative. Thanks to him, the country went the opposite way of the lockdown, and allowed people to keep their rights and jobs. This is a very uncomfortable fact for every government and organization that promotes the lockdown strategy.

The WHO is claiming that Sweden is now seeing a resurgence of coronavirus, but Tegnell has come out to set the record straight.

Daily Mail:

Sweden’s top virus expert has said the ‘world went mad’ with coronavirus lockdowns which ‘fly in the face of what is known about handling virus pandemics’.

Anders Tegnell, who advised Sweden to avoid full lockdown in favour of a ‘herd immunity’ strategy, said world leaders caved to political pressure amid panic – and that the crippling economic downsides of lockdown will far outweigh the benefits.

Sweden has confirmed 68,390 cases of coronavirus and 5,230 deaths – far above its Nordic neighbours, but its economy is intact and actually posted slight growth in the first quarter of this year.

Tegnell also hit out at the WHO after it placed Sweden on a list of 11 countries seeing a ‘dangerous resurgence’ in the virus, saying it had ‘totally misinterpreted’ the data.

He said a ‘surge’ in cases over the last week is actually the result of more testing, meaning mild cases that previously went undetected are now being counted.

Tegnell’s claims about the lockdown’s negative effects outweighing its benefits are in line with a JP Morgan study that showed that the lockdown was only useful to destroy the economy, and which also pointed out that most places that lifted the lockdown saw a decrease in cases.

His claim about the surge in cases being the result of doing more testing is in line with what we pointed out when the WHO claimed that they just had the biggest corona infection day ever.

Southern US states, Brazil and India are also seeing soaring case numbers currently – which leaders in those countries have also blamed on increased testing.

Tegnell pointed to a steady fall in deaths, hospital admissions and ICU admissions as evidence that Sweden’s outbreak is actually retreating, not getting worse.

It comes after WHO Europe director Hans Henri Kluge warned in a press conference on Thursday of 11 European countries were at risk of seeing their healthcare systems overwhelmed by a surge in infections.

The WHO later revealed Sweden was on that list, alongside Armenia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Kosovo.

Tegnell said: ‘It’s a total misunderstanding, I would say.

‘They have looked at the number of cases per day and it has increased steeply over the past week.

‘This is entirely due to extended testing and that we find more mild cases. We see no evidence at all that our epidemic in Sweden is getting worse – on the contrary.

‘It is unfortunate that people are confusing Sweden with countries that have not previously had problems, which are obviously in the beginning. Sweden is nearing the end.’

Asked why the WHO had misinterpreted the data, Tegnell said no official had been in contact with Swedish authorities – meaning they missed the nuances.

He added that being included on the list could cause problems for Sweden, especially as countries decide where to allow their citizens to travel after their lockdowns end.

More infections or “cases” are obviously the result of more testing. Lots of people had the virus, or are currently infected with the virus without knowing. A few days ago, a study pointed out that the infection rate in America is 80 times greater than initially thought, which means that the death rate is 80 times lower than initially thought.

When Iceland randomly tested 10% of its population, they found that half of the infected don’t show any symptoms at all.

Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu. We have the data now.

If for some reason the government doesn’t have this data, then we should be asking ourselves why such incompetent people are in charge of our lives and future. If they are aware of these studies, which they most likely are, then we should be asking ourselves what their end game is.