Sweden’s Anti-Lockdown Mastermind Takes a Stand Against Masks

People keep forgetting that Sweden exists.

Sweden actually does exist. They didn’t do a coronavirus lockdown, and nothing happened. The media has just kind of ignored that fact, as we continue to move deeper into increasingly bizarre forms of personal, social, cultural and political repression ostensibly to prevent millions of people from dying of the virus.

The man who singlehandedly prevented Sweden from locking down, prevented them from destroying their country in the name of this idiotic hoax, is also fighting back against the mask agenda.

New York Post:

Sweden’s top infectious disease expert has resisted recommending face masks for the general population — arguing it’s “very dangerous” if people believe the coverings alone will stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Anders Tegnell, chief epidemiologist at Sweden’s Public Health Agency, has repeatedly expressed skepticism that face masks will control virus outbreaks, the Financial Times reported.

“It is very dangerous to believe face masks would change the game when it comes to COVID-19,” said Tengell, who is considered the country’s equivalent of Dr. Anthony Fauci from the White House COVID-19 task force.

He completely brushed off the prospect of wearing masks last month, saying, “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport.”

Tegnell has argued that evidence about the effectiveness of face mask use was “astonishingly weak.”

“I’m surprised that we don’t have more or better studies showing what effect masks actually have,” he told the UK Times.

The infectious disease expert has faced backlash after the nation controversially refused to lock down, leading to a higher death rate per capita than neighboring countries that took stricter approaches.

They consistently say “higher death rate than neighboring countries.” What they don’t tell you is that Sweden is significantly more populous than Norway or Finland – or that Sweden has a lower death rate than countries which did loony lockdowns such as Britain. They also have a lower death rate than most American states.

Sweden disproves the theory that the lockdown was necessary, at all. If an extra 3-5% of nursing home patients would have died sans the lockdown, but the number of people who would have been saved who are now dying from suicide, drug overdoses, the lack of an ability to access medical care, etc., you’d have saved many times more lives than the total number of coronavirus dead.

Masks would have made sense as an initial way to deal with the virus when people didn’t know anything about it and thought it was some huge deal. They are no longer necessary. Forcing people to wear these masks is designed to purposefully humiliate them, to take away their freedom, their sense of self and their ability to relate to other people in a human way.