Sweden: Young Afghans are Literally Raping Each Other

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016

Operation Enduring Freedom

As this picture proves, young Afghans provide significant cultural enrichment for Sweden.

Sweden is a country filled with some of the most vibrant diversity and enrichment one can find in Europe. One unique aspect of Sweden’s multicultural society is that they have Afghan boys who rape other Afghan boys.


Swedish authorities on Tuesday charged five teenagers from Afghanistan with aggravated rape for allegedly dragging another Afghan boy into a forest, threatening him with a knife and raping him.

The alleged assault took place in October in a forested area in the city of Uppsala, north of Stockholm.

Prosecutor Johan Stromback told The Associated Press that the five suspects are 16 and 17 years old, while the boy they allegedly assaulted is under 15. Stromback said all arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied minors seeking asylum.

The accused were charged with aggravated rape of a minor, a crime in Sweden that is punishable by at least four years in prison for adults and juvenile detention for minors, he said. The indictment calls for all five to be expelled from Sweden and barred from returning after serving any sentences.

According to the indictment, the accused punched the alleged victim in the head, raped him and spat on him. It said the assault “was planned and lasted for at least an hour” and left the boy with bruises, scrapes and bite marks on his back.

It is shocking that Sweden’s government would put some of these Afghan boy-rapers in prison and ban them from the country. Homosexual rape is a unique part of Afghan culture and a key pillar to the multicultural society that Sweden has become.

Clearly the people in Sweden’s justice system who sentenced these boys are Nazis. Why would they rob the Swedish people of this wonderful diversity? Afghan boy rape is something that can only improve Sweden’s culture and economy. Anybody who disagrees is a racist bastard who should be fired from their job for having hateful thoughts.

Hopefully the Swedish government will take the necessary steps to purge all Nazis from the justice system in order to prevent this unfortunate incident from happening again. After all, without Afghan boy rapers it is hard to fathom how Sweden will exist as a society in the future.