Sweden: Woman Paying a Bill Gets Raped by Migrant

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2018

In culturally diverse Sweden, you need to pay your bills on time.

If you don’t, the price is rape.

At least there is a demand for the Moslem getting booted out of the country.


The woman is suspected of having been raped when she visited a company in Småland.

According to Smålandposten , she was there for her to pay a debt.

Now a man has been charged suspected of crimes.

The woman alerted police shortly after the suspected rape, says Smålandsposten. In addition to the emergency call – which will be used as proof – the police have received the answer from the National Forensic Center.

The prosecutor now considers that the evidence together is sufficiently strong for a convicting sentence – and has filed a prosecution at Växjö District Court.

That’s when the woman visited a company in Småland to pay a debt the rape should have occurred. According to Smålandsposten, the woman herself was not involved in the debt that belonged to her close relationship.

At the company’s premises she should have been raped. The man was arrested after the incident, but was then released at liberty.

The prosecutor is now requesting that the man be sent out of Sweden by a conviction.

It is unknown how the criminal suspect man relies on the charges directed against him.

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