Sweden: Unidentified Man Shoves Swedish Woman in Front of Train

Daily Stormer
December 7, 2019

Stock photo of Swedish man pushing another Swedish man in front of a train.

I see Sven is up to his usual mischief.

These virulent Swedes will do anything for a quick thrill!

Voice of Europe:

An elderly woman in her seventies has suffered major injuries after she was shoved in front of a train in Lund.

The woman was purposefully knocked down onto the train tracks by a 33-year-old man who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder shortly after, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

“The woman was taken to a hospital with serious injuries,” Magnus Lefèvre, a security officer at the South Region police told the broadcaster.

“Witnesses at the scene were able to pinpoint the man and film from a surveillance camera could prove the incident,” a spokesman for the police said.

Aside from his age, no further identifying characteristics such as the man’s national origin have been released to the public. Police have also refused to divulge whether the suspect has criminal record or whether he has any ties to the local community.

Henrik Steen, a prosecutor in Lund, told Swedish media that over 20 witnesses have given information to investigators.

“There are a great many people who were at the site,” Steen said. “Many hearings have been held, and there will be further hearings and people who were only briefly heard initially will testify in detail. We are also waiting for a surveillance video and will question the suspect.”

According to Steen, there’s no connection between the elderly woman and her attacker.

“We don’t know anything about the subject yet, we have to hold more hearings and see what picture comes out,” he said.

Sweden claims to be a humanitarian superpower, but 15% of their population are rapists, murderers, gang members and terrorists.

This has nothing to do with immigration, and it is racist for the Swedes to pretend that they are not responsible for the actions of this 15% of their population, who are exactly like the other 85% in every single conceivable way.