Sweden: Two Vibrants Assault Woman on Bus, Kick Her in the Face

They were set free afterwards.

Swedes wouldn’t want it any other way.

Samnytt (Translation):

Two men attacked a female bus passenger during the Easter weekend. The woman was kicked in the face and pulled in her hair. The police arrested the men but, although they were still suspected, were set free.

It was at 20.37 on Sunday that the police received alarms from a woman who stated that she had been beaten on a bus on the way from the Ekholmen area in Linköping. It reports the Facebook account Express Imprint.

The men who are 20 years of age, in addition to kicking the woman in the face and pulling her in the hair, must also have aggressively held her. The police launched an intervention and were able to trace the men through signal elements.

According to Thomas Agnevik at the police press service, the men are suspected of abuse of the normal degree.