Sweden: Travel Ban Announced, But Rapefugees Still Welcome

Daily Stormer
March 21, 2020

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This is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done.

After all, Sweden has to atone for those six million Eskimos it turned into soap, and it can’t do that until there’s upwards of 100 million Syrian child refugees from the sub-Sahara in Stockholm alone.


Sweden has announced new restrictions on many foreigners hoping to enter the country from outside the European Union amid the spread of coronavirus, but ‘asylum seekers’ will be exempt from the border controls.

“EU Member States have supported a call from the Commission to take measures to temporarily halt unnecessary trips to the EU,” the Swedish government explained in an statement.

“The purpose is to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. The coronavirus is an international concern that requires coordinated action. The Government has therefore decided to heed the call and issue a temporary entry ban in line with the Commission’s recommendations.”

We all know what they mean when they talk about asylum seekers.

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And remember – all of these rapefugees have to pass through other countries to get to Swelfareden, so Sweden is indirectly enriching other White countries too.

A variety of exemptions are in place, enabling passage for health care professionals, personnel transporting goods, aid workers, as well as “persons in need of international protection or who have other humanitarian reasons.”

“The right to asylum is not affected by the decision,” the government’s statement makes clear.

Sweden had not closed its borders or schools as of Tuesday, making it one of the last countries in Europe to avoid taking such measures.


This is exactly what Sweden needs to survive.

For that matter, it’s what all of Europe needs to survive.

As long as there’s a single unmongrelized European left, Europe is in grave danger.

I feel so grateful to the Jews for helping me understand this.