Sweden: Town Wants People to Take Rapefugees in Their Own Homes

Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

You guys know what I do when I have to write an article, but can’t find anything to write about?

I just go to DuckDuckGo, type in “Sweden LMAO,” click “Search” and KAPOW – problem solved.

Works every time.

Voice of Europe:

Kungsbacka municipality south of Gothenburg has an “acute housing crisis” and therefore wants Swedes to open their homes to migrants from the Middle East and Africa, Fria Tider reports.

The municipality can’t find housing for the 400 newly arrived migrants they’ve been ordered to take in this year.

That’s 400 only this year – in a town of around 19,000 people.

That’ll end well.

The housing shortage in Kungsbacka has been huge for many years, but the municipality is still forced to receive even more immigrants.

Until this summer, the municipality managed to take in migrants at the rate required by law. But after the summer, they failed to offer housing at the same rate, which means that they now have to receive a large number of people in a short time.

Fun fact: It is illegal in Sweden to not be a cuck.

All municipalities are obliged by law to take in a certain amount of invaders every year, regardless of any practical or financial.

Needless to say, the opinions of the people living there are never taken into account, because that’s how (((democracy))) works.

Despite repeated dialogues with the Swedish Migration Agency, we have not been allowed to postpone our reception until we have complete housing, says Hans Forsberg, chairman of the municipality.

Therefore, the municipality will have to open up more dormitories to be able to give the new residents shelter.

Cucks don’t get to set their own cucking terms, bud.

That’s why they’re cucks in the first place.

Sweden is a country of cucks run by strong independent womyn, with the results you’d expect

It’s unfortunate that this is all we can offer.Dormitories are not worthy accommodation, says integration manager Karin Martinsson.

To achieve good integration, our ambition is to offer adequate accommodation, with good conditions for our new residents to establish themselves.

Therefore, the municipality now hopes that Kungsbacka residents will open their private homes for migrants.

And I’m sure a lot of them will do it, because what self-respecting cuck would miss the opportunity to get killed or raped for some likes on Facebook?

Still, I’ve been trying to become more optimistic lately, and look at the bright side of things once in a while.

And the bright about Sweden is… Erm…

Ah, wait!

There are a couple of people in Sweden who aren’t cucks!

By Swedish standards, this is basically a Nuremberg Rally-tier event