Sweden: Toddler Daughter Hospitalized After Parents Nearly Starve Her On a Vegan Diet

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2019

Are you salivating yet?

Vegan parents really love starving their babies. Earlier this year, there was that case where the vegan parents switched the baby formula for mashed potatoes and the baby starved, and now there’s this case, which proves that even the breast milk of a vegan mother can’t make up for the retarded diet.


A Swedish couple are facing prosecution after nearly starving their two-year-old daughter to death on a strict vegan diet which resulted in her being hospitalised.

The young girl was taken to Queen Silvia’s children’s hospital in Gothenburg in mid-February severely malnourished to the point where she came close to death according to medical professionals, SVT reports.

Doctors said that the two-year-old showed signs of severe vitamin deficiency and one doctor claimed he had never seen such a case in his entire medical career saying, “You just do not get children with vitamin deficiency in Sweden today.”

The parents have since been brought up on charges of negligence and bodily harm with prosecutor Ximena Bene commenting, “I have never encountered this combination before in a case before. The parental couple is negligent when they give their child a one-sided diet, in connection with the removal of the child from social institutions that are there to check how the child is feeling.”

See, that’s where diversity kicks-in. You used to not get children with vitamin deficiencies in Sweden, now you do — thanks to veganism.

Diversity in childhood diseases is still diversity, and as you’re all well-aware by now; diversity is our strength.

You have to stop thinking about diversity as skin-color diversity. Open your mind. This is Sweden, after all.

The child has not received a proper vegan diet. The food has consisted of breast milk, brown rice, and fruit and vegetables,” the prosecutor added.

Both parents have denied any culpability in the incident claiming that the young girl had several allergies making food selection difficult and the father claiming the girl’s situation was caused by a sickness several days prior to her hospitalisation.

But that is the vegan diet, minus the breast milk.

Are we not constantly told by vegans about how very nutritious vegetables are and how vegetables are the only things that you need to eat?

Most vegans are severely malnourished because of their diets. It’s not that they do veganism wrong — it’s that they do veganism right and get to “enjoy” the consequences.

The small minority of vegans that don’t look like corpses on meth haven’t been vegan long enough, or spend so much money on supplements that they mask their latent meth corpse status better.

Even vegan doctors look like death.

The above is Dr. Michael Greger. He runs the site Nutrition Facts.

That guy gives people nutrition facts.

Putting a baby on a vegan diet produces faster results than putting an adult on a vegan diet. The body of a baby is still developing and growing quickly, it has no stored resources to resist times of famine. Adults, on the other hand, have developed bodies with plenty of stored vitamins and minerals, so dietary deficiencies are not immediately evident.

An example of this is how the liver stores vitamin A, B12, C, K, and others.

Babies just don’t have the resources to offset a deficient diet for long, especially not if they’re breastfed by a vegan mother that produces vegan breast milk.

See, eating is not that complicated. Our ancestors already had diet figured out. This thing where we’re confused about what’s healthy and what isn’t is a result of modernity and the industrial revolution, which resulted in the mass-production of edibles for profit. Preservatives and all kinds of substances are put in foods so they can sit on shelves for months or years without changing shape, color, odor, or taste, and sugar is mixed with fat and salt to create addictive calorie bombs that provide no real nutrition.

Modern food is not food. Modern food is an industrial chemical compound.

To escape this trap, eat like your grandfathers did. Eat like your great-grandfathers ate.

Eat the things our ancestors would recognize as foods if they were here with you today.

There’s nothing stopping people from enjoying the benefits of vegetables while also having steak as a regular part of their diets.

You don’t have to choose one or the other.