Sweden: Three Nondescript Masked Individuals Break 17-Year-Old Girl’s Nose, Face with Rock

Getting your face smashed in with a rock is part and parcel of living in a big metropolitan city.

Infowars Europe:

A 17-year-old girl is recovering from a brutal attack by masked assailants who bashed her face with a rock in Gothenburg, Sweden, according to reports.

The young victim said she thought she was going to die as she was held by the hair and struck repeatedly in the face with a stone.

On Thursday evening, the girl and a friend were sitting near a school when they were approached by three individuals wearing face masks, Expressen reports.

“I cried and shouted for them to stop but they just kept going. At times I thought I was going to die,” she said.”

“I remember when I was laying on the ground and receiving the blows against me, the only thing I thought about was that now I will die. It really felt like I was not going to survive this.”

Eventually the girl managed to feign a phone call to her father, scaring off the suspects.

Doctors say she likely has a broken nose and fractured face, along with bruising and lacerations.

Police have not identified any suspects at the time of this writing, but they have been desribed as “tall, thin and dressed in black,” according to Fria Tider.

We used to have peace in our towns and cities. But that isn’t coming back for many generations, if it ever comes back.

So people might as well buckle up and get used to living inside of a violent nightmare world from which there is no escape.