Sweden: Three “Men” Suspected of Murdering 60-Year-Old at Pizzeria

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2020

I think we need more information, Sweden.

Were they Norwegians? Danes? Finngolians?

Something else?

Samnytt (Translation):

A 60-year-old man has died after three men abused him at a pizzeria in southeastern Skåne. The men could be apprehended and arrested but were released again soon after the violence – despite continued suspicions.

It was on Saturday afternoon that the suspected perpetrators at the age of 35 exposed the elderly man to life-threatening injuries at a pizzeria on Västergatan in central Sjöbo municipality, Expressen reports.

At around 11pm on Saturday night, police were able to arrest three men suspected of serious abuse. They were interrogated and arrested by on-duty prosecutors, but already at 18 o’clock on Sunday the men were released. This is despite the fact that they are still suspected of the violence.

The elderly man was taken by ambulance from the scene and taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. On Monday night, the state television reported that the man had died from the injuries.

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