Sweden: Teacher Under Fire for Including Racial Slur in Homework Assignment

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2017

Europe has a problem, fellow anti-racists, and that problem is Sweden.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sweden… isn’t that the nation that opens its borders to unlimited Syrian refugees from Somalia, allows women to rule over men, develops games like Wolfenstein II to demonize all expressions of white solidarity, and prosecutes its native population if they complain about it?”

Indeed it is, comrade.

But don’t be beguiled by Sweden’s apparent commitment to egalitarianism. Beneath that veneer of righteousness lurks a people whose Aryan genetics compel them to secretly embrace the fascist ideals of Adolf Hitler.

Don’t believe me?

Read on…

The Local:

A school north of Stockholm has come under fire after a teacher gave a class of ten-year-olds a homework assignment which included a racist slur.

The exercise involved writing different forms of nouns, and included examples such as ‘limpan’ (the loaf), ‘vargen’ (the wolf) and ‘tomaten’ (the tomato).

But one of the words used was the offensive term ‘negern’ which means ‘the negro’ and is widely considered a racist term in Sweden.

See what I mean?

When in public, this teacher is probably just as pro-Jihad as the average Swede. But when she’s alone with her schoolchildren, away from the watchful eye of the state, her biological desire to abuse innocent Blacks emerges like a weed from concrete.

Swedes of both sexes just can’t help but give in to their racist genetics. Remember, we’re talking about a people who were once so bigoted, so intolerant of others, that they tried to genocide the Finns during World War II by putting them in concentration camps and force-feeding them vodka (Asians cannot handle spirits).

Helsinki, 1942.

Ahmed Osman, the father of the boy who received the homework, said that he and his wife were stunned at the inclusion of the word.

“I asked [my son] if he had really received it from the teacher, and he said yes,” Osman told Swedish daily Aftonbladet. “The teacher justified herself by saying that she didn’t use the word herself but that other people might, so it can be good to know the word.”

She allegedly said that the boy could cross out the word if he preferred, but that he had to complete the homework assignment or risk receiving a low grade.

Osman, however, argued that the homework amounts to incitement to racial hatred, and shared the image with media strategist Teysir Subhi, who shared a photo of the exercise on her Facebook page. More than 1,000 people have since reacted to the post.

Can you imagine being the parents of this boy?

They left the Middle East – a prosperous, technologically advanced utopia – to aid the people of Sweden, despite knowing that Sweden was a Third World banana republic compared to back home.

And how are they, their son and others like them repaid for their sacrifices?

With mean words.

Well, mean words intended for another race.

But mean words nonetheless.

This story – and the hundreds of others just like it – prove that Swedes still have a long way to go before considering themselves truly anti-racist. Offering your children to middle-aged Eritreans for sex and instantly forgiving Moslems for harvesting your wife into kebab meat is undeniably tolerant, but if you’re going to remain a brutal White Supremacist behind closed doors, then how can the Jews guarantee that you won’t gas them in Poland?

You’re better than this, Swedes.