Sweden: Syrians Kidnapped, Tortured Newspaper Seller to Expel “Evil Forces” from Him

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2020

The balcony where it happened.

Just how dumb are these hajis?

Everyone knows it’s the newspaper journalists who are possessed by evil forces, not the sellers.

Fria Tider (Translation):

It was the night of August 12 last year that a newspaper messenger was kidnapped in central Kristianstad, something Free Times has written several articles about.

The newspaper bidder was forced into an apartment where he was then tortured for five hours by a Syrian man, who was charged in December.

The victim was stabbed all over the body, forced into drugs and dressed naked.

According to the indictment, the Arab must have tortured the man by “cutting him with a knife a large number of times, especially on the head, arms, back and seat halves”.

The victim must have suffered death anxiety and has “caused a very large number of bleeding wound injuries and skin crises and pain”, the lawsuit states.

The newsman finally managed to escape the scene, but then the Syrian chased after armed with three knives. In the pursuit of his victim, the perpetrators, among other things, brutally beat a disabled man.

On Thursday, the trial began in Kristianstad District Court. It is expected to last for six days.

According to Kristianstadsbladet , the Syrians have acknowledged parts of the course of events but refuse to commit crimes.

The man’s defender must have stated that his client considered himself to be in an emergency and was forced to “expel evil forces” from the newspaper messenger.