Sweden: Syrian Taxi Driver Gets Two Years for Overpowering and Raping Woman in Backseat of Car

Fahed Albukaai (not named in the article, but it’s him)

Still waiting for that magic European soil to do its thing on these people.

Shouldn’t be much longer now.

Voice of Europe:

A Swedish court has sentenced a Syrian national who worked for the Estonian taxi company Bolt to two years in prison for raping one of his female customers.

The incident, which took place during the early morning hours of November 9th, 2019 after the victim had ordered a taxi via the app Bolt, began when the Syrian taxi driver pulled over in a Stockholm parking lot, overpowered the victim in back seat of the car, pulled her clothes off, and violated her, Swedish news portal Fria Tider reports.

Fortunately, the women’s friend who was waiting for her to arrive at his apartment realized that something was wrong when he saw – via the apps sharing location – that the car had stopped.

Apparently, where the Syrian driver had parked wasn’t too far from the victim’s friend’s apartment, so the victim’s friend ran to location and was able to interrupt the assault. After taking care of his friend, the man then alerted police to the situation.

Shortly after, the taxi driver was stopped and arrested by Stockholm police.

During an interview with investigators, the Syrian man at first denied ever picking up the victim but later changed his story, claiming that the victim had offered him sex but that he had refused. The district court, however, didn’t buy it, saying that the defendants claims lacked “any credibility.”

Unfortunately, because the man was given Swedish citizenship in 2019, he can’t be deported from the country.