Sweden: Syrian Kidnaps and Tortures Newspaper Seller – He’s Later Found Naked and Bloodied

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2019

Do you think naked and bloodied men used to crash through people’s windows begging for aid in Sweden before it got infused with vibrancy?

Because I’m pretty sure that this is a phenomenon uniquely tied to multiculturalism.

Infowars Europe:

A Syrian migrant is suspected of kidnapping and torturing a newspaper seller who eventually escaped naked and bloody in Kristianstad, Sweden, according to local media.

The victim reportedly fled his captor after hours of torture, running across rooftops and eventually crashing through an apartment window of a young woman who gave him shelter and aid.

“He was bloody all over,” a witness told local media. “He claimed to have been tortured or abused for a long time. He had a wary look, probably in shock. He just wanted help with calling 112.”

Interestingly, Swedish mainstream media chose to reveal the age of the alleged perpetrator, but not the nationality or reported need for an Arabic translator.

“The injured man was chased by the 25-year-old on the roofs of the residential buildings,” Expressen reported.

“Naked and bloody, he managed to get through a small window to an unknown apartment, where a 19-year-old woman was home alone.”

The street salesman reportedly went missing on Monday, and his employer launched an investigation into his well-being following the transmission of a cryptic text message.