Sweden: Swedes Get Into Fight with Moslem Gang at Burger King, One Gets Stabbed in Back

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

At least both sides were fighting this time.

Is the Norseman beginning to hate again?

Voice of Europe:

A knife fight between migrants and Swedes that took place in a Burger King in Uppsala, Sweden was captured on video and published by Samhällsnytt.’

Samhällsnytt has now spoken to Ricky, the victim, who tells them that he and his friends had asked the gang who were harassing the cashiers to calm down. Unfortunately, the migrants did not listen, became angry and aggressive, then threatened to stab the Swedes – which they later did.

Ricky, who is 29, says that when his group of friends arrived at the checkout, they noticed the group of migrants harassing and verbally abusing the restaurant workers. The migrant men, who were between 20-25 years old, apparently said “whore child”, “shut up” and “get our food here fast” in a very aggressive way to the workers.

The Swedes then asked the gang to calm down, telling them that the “cashiers are working people so behave yourselves”.

Then one of the migrants yelled “shut up” to Ricky’s friend and threatened to stab them. Ricky then replied, “you do not tell my friend to shut up”.

Before the situation got out of hand, the two groups walked away from each other. The conflict was seemingly over with. However, a few minutes later the migrants came back and said again that they would stab the Swedes.

“I then pulled out a chair and marked that they should stay away from us. But they ignored it and then we started fighting. In the video you can see that when I get one guy down, the other comes and stabs me in the back. That’s also what I remember“, said Ricky.

Typical cowardly darkies, always resorting to underhanded tactics even when they outnumber their rivals (which they always do).

Ricky was stabbed in his back, shoulder and upper arm while his friend suffered from a crushed rib and a hole in his lung sac. He is still in the hospital.

The violent perpetrators had disappeared from the scene when the police arrived. The police press service currently has no concrete information on any of the suspects.