Sweden: Somalian Rapist Gets Citizenship While in Prison

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2017

In Sweden, raping a woman and getting tossed in prison does not stop you from becoming a citizen.

Sure, this Somalian raped a Swedish woman, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or shouldn’t get special privileges.

Let’s try and be reasonable and tolerant here.


A 17-year-old rapist Somalian has been granted Swedish citizenship while he was in prison. He is now charged with his involvement in a group violence in Järfälla during the summer. The denial was first made by “Review Sweden”.

According to Brandberg’s deed of instruction, the teens have “together and in concert, forced the plaintiff to oral and vaginal intercourse, partly by assaulting and threatening her, partly by unreasonably exploiting her to be in a particularly vulnerable situation due to severe drunkenness and serious fear.”

When the three Somalis were detained in July, two of them were Swedish citizens. But when the trial is now started, all three have Swedish citizenship. The reason is that the Migration Board granted the third man’s citizenship while he was arrested for gross rape.

Despite the fact that the citizenship was issued in July, the Swedish Tax Agency has written in its register that the Somalis received it already on May 9, the same day as he submitted his application for Swedish citizenship. However, from the Migration Board’s decision, which is stored separately, it appears that citizenship was granted on July 24th. It is unclear why there are two different dates in the Tax Agency’s system.