Sweden: Sick Freak Gala Celebrates Sick Freaks

Daily Stormer
February 7, 2018

“When I was 3 years old I told my mom I want to cut my penis off”

Remember those dark, backward days when cutting your dick off and pretending to be a woman was something considered “weird” instead of something to celebrate and get an award for?

Well, we have Jews to thank for those days being gone.

The Local:

A 14-year-old transgender girl whose YouTube channel dealing with gender identity issues has become a national hit in Sweden, won plaudits at a glitzy awards ceremony for the country’s gay, bisexual and transgender communities on Monday.

To be clear – he got an “award” because his parents (I only found a picture of his mother, who is fat) got him early on all sorts of destructive chemicals, so it’s easier for him to look like real girl if you’re not looking carefully.

It’s a trap

A freak used by other freaks for propaganda.

 Viktoria Harrysson, who has 50,000 followers on YouTube, was awarded the Transgender of the Year prize at the televised QX Gay Gala. Viktoria says she realized she was a girl when she was ten.

I’m sure all the demented 24/7 propaganda from the (((media))) helped you with that…

 In an emotional speech she thanked her parents, who also attended the gala, for supporting her.

Hopefully, he‘ll snap and kill them in a few years when he realizes what they’ve done to him.

 “This is such a big thing. I feel like a sweaty potato, but I am so happy,” she said. She was awarded the prize by Sara Danius, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, best known as the person who announces the winner of the Nobel Literature Prize.

I’m calling it – 5 years from now “sweaty potato gender” will be a thing, and anyone who says anything about it will be called a Neo-Nazi.

Also – I always knew the Nobel prizes are shit, basically something kikes buy for marketing purposes for their kind.

Other prizes went to ice hockey player Anders Nilsson, who was awarded Hetero of the Year. The Swede, who plays for the Vancouver Canucks in Canada, won the prize for wearing a helmet painted in the colours of the rainbow to show his support for diversity in sport.

Really? That’s all it took?

This being Sweden, I assumed wining Cuck of the Year would require a lot of effort, something along the lines of “I suspect my 10-year is harboring subconscious prejudice, so I intend to send him to Afghanistan by himself for a few months so he can see that we’re all the same.”

Just putting some faggy flag on a helmet seems underwhelming…

The Homo of the Year prize went to veteran performer and drag artist Christer Lindarw.


Look how proud he is

What was his “achievement”?

A special prize for Kiss of the Year went to the stars of an ad for Canal Digital, Irish model Shane and English actor Paul, who flew in from London to receive the award.

What does this disgusting filth have to with a cable and internet company?

Glad I quit watching TV years ago…