Sweden: Shots Fired in Malmo Outside Police Station as Sportball Fans Celebrated Swedish Victory – One Dead, Four Wounded

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2018

Maybe you speak Cuckish, and the video will make sense.

Not sure why they didn’t subtitle it since the article itself is English, but whatever.

Daily Mail:

One person has died and four others injured after a shooting near a police station in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, according to local media.

‘An 18-year-old man died during the night,’ said police spokesman Stephan Soderholm.

Reports suggest a man opened fire as fans celebrated their victory over South Korea in the World Cup.

Witness were quoted as saying that at least one attacker was armed with an automatic weapon.

There were no indications the incident was related to terrorism, and the police have so far made no arrests, said force spokeswoman Maya Forstenius.

‘We are treating this as an isolated event that is confined to these injured persons,’

Police are now looking for a dark vehicle in connection with the shooting, which took place a few hundred feet from the local police’s headquarters in Sweden’s third-most populated city.

While Sweden has relatively low levels of crime, neighbourhoods in Malmo, Stockholm and Gothenburg have seen a rise in violence attributed to gangs fighting over drug trafficking and prostitution.

Well, how would you expect to diversify your knowledge of how emergency medical units respond to a shooting without enriching your body with bullets?

With out this vibrancy Sweden will not survive.