Sweden: Serious Murder Fire Planned!

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2018


From what I can gather from the translation, a murderous murder-fire was planned.

A murder-fire is scarier than normal fire because they come armed with miniguns with a fire rate at above 2500 RPM.

A young man who apparently tried to hammer a box was arrested for trying to train the fire. I doubt they were White, as White people do not try and train fires to become professional killers.


A man is arrested for gross murder at the SVT and SR house in Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

Just before 05:00 on Friday, the alarm went to the television and radio house at Hisingen. A young man tried to hit the box with a hammer and lay injured outside the house when the guard came to the place.

“He told someone in the place where he had planned to fire the house, but why and if he had any motives we do not know at the moment,” said Christer Fuxborg, police press official. Next to the man there were both fluids and lighters.

Coarse fires
The man has been taken to hospital and the police rubs the event as a attempt to serious fiery fire.

“He has been injured when he tried to get through the window and hospitalized right now, it must go before the hearing,” says Fuxborg.

Later in the morning, the police announce that the man after interrogation is arrested by prosecutors and that a new hearing will be held in the afternoon.

“SVT is serious about what has happened, but our security department is in full swing and is working on this issue,” says Ragnhild Vestman Fjällhed, Head of Mission SVT Gothenburg.