Sweden: School Headmaster Goes to School Dressed Like a Woman to Promote Degeneracy

Daily Stormer
November 28, 2018

Why would you send your children anywhere near a creature like this?

When I read the headline that a school principal wears a dress to school, my first thought was “Hmm, this is probably a pedophile.”

Then I saw a picture of his face and thought “Damn I’m good.”

Voice of Europe:

Henrik Theorin, headmaster at Hagaskolan in Umeå, wears nail varnish and sometimes also a dress to work.

In an interview with SVT, where he also shows off his dress, Henrik Theorin says that it all started with the school having its own Pride Week.

Reminder – sexual deviants are a threat to society, and the more you tolerate them, the more they’ll hate you.

That’s why we need the death penalty for all these freaks.

“I think it’s important to show the students that you can look however you want,” he says. “It’s nothing I do everyday but I want to show that it’s possible to break standards,” he says.

The male headmaster says that he’s been wearing nail varnish at work now and then “for a few years”. He may have been inspired by Fredrik Plahn, former headmaster at preschools and schools in Tyresö.

Plahn was praised in the media when he, in 2014, announced on Facebook that he wore nail varnish in “all colours of the rainbow” at work. The purpose was, according to Plahn, to “challenge the heteronorm”.

For those of you not familiar with Jewspeak, “heteronorm” means “acting normal.”

It’s standard Jew practice – they identify some banal aspect of a normal society, then declare it a mental illness or “hate” or both, then make up some goofy terms to describe them to confuse the goyim, then declare themselves (((experts))) and finally start teaching it in schools and universities from a position of authority to impressionable people without a lot of life experience who then go on to spread the brain virus into wider society.

And they do it over and over and over again.

“Oy vey, I have just discovered the root cause of internalized transmisogynistic transphobia!”

Today, Fredrik Plahn is working as a headmaster in multicultural Botkyrka, and it is unclear whether he has brought the nail varnish to the new workplace.

Considering how diverse that Botkyrka place is, I doubt it, or else we would’ve heard about him being stoned to death or thrown on a roof.

But seriously, these “parents…”

How much do you have to hate your kids in order to send them to public schools anywhere in the Western world, especially in Sweden?

Or are they just insane and don’t realize what they’re doing?

Don’t they get enough indoctrination from the electric Jew?