Sweden: Riots After Koran Burned After White Boys Kidnapped and Sodomized

Did you know it’s illegal to burn a Koran in Sweden?

It’s hatred against the color of the skin or blasphemy against Allah or whatever.


Protesters threw stones at police and burned tyres in southern Swedish town of Malmo late on Friday, hours after an anti-Muslim Danish politician was blocked from attending a Koran-burning rally nearby.

At least 300 people had gathered to protest against anti-Islam activities.

The demonstration was connected to an incident earlier in the day in which protesters burned a copy of the Islamic holy book, police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist told Swedish tabloid Expressen.

Rasmus Paludan, who leads the far-right Danish anti-immigration party Hard Line, was due to travel to Malmo to speak at that event, which was being held on the same day as weekly prayers for the Muslim sabbath.

But authorities pre-empted Paludan’s arrival by announcing he had been banned from entering Sweden for two years. He was later arrested near Malmo.

The demonstrations had escalated in the same place where the Quran had been burned.

Daily Aftonbladet said several anti-Islam activities had taken place in Malmo on Friday, including three men kicking a copy of the Quran between them in a public square.

The protests are a bit fiery, but mostly peaceful.

The event comes after two little white boys were kidnapped and gruesomely sodomized by Moslems in a graveyard.

What white people don’t understand, because they’re too stupid and filled with hatred, is that if a Moslem happens to kidnap and sodomize small boys, that has nothing to do with Moslems as a group, and is simply the actions of one random person who could be of any race. However, if a single white person burns a Koran, he is acting on behalf of the whole country, and everyone must suffer.

It’s a simple difference, and we find ourselves wishing whites weren’t so stupid and dumb. But they’re really just a bunch of inbred hillbillies from trailers, and Sweden will function much better when their government is totally controlled by jihadists.

Because whites are too stupid to understand, it would be better for the world if they just shut up and accepted it.