Sweden Respects Wahmen: #MeToo Now a Part of the School Curriculum

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2018

Are you getting tired of Sweden YES! news?

Nah, me neither.


A school in Sweden has added an extremely modern course to its curriculum, requiring all 15-year-olds to take a two-hour lesson on the #MeToo movement.

The first round of students at the Tullbroskolan school in Falkenberg sat through the course this week, with the school believing it is important to teach students that the message of the movement doesn’t only exist in Hollywood.

“They know quite a bit about the #MeToo movement already, but what’s hard for them is to understand is that it applies to them as well,” Anna-Karin Nilsson, a civics teacher at the school, told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

Boys and girls split for part of the lesson so that males didn’t feel attacked. “We have male teachers working with those who identify as men, so that they don’t feel that they’re just being blamed, and realize that we should instead talk about how to have a more equal society,” Nilsson said.

Lol, the Swedes just had to slip that in there.

“Those who identify as men.”

I find it amazing that news agencies are able to report on Sweden with a straight face. I only ever heard this crazy shit while in college, and now all of a sudden everyone is taking these mentally ill people at their word and I still, to this day, can’t pinpoint the precise moment when it became OK to indulge tranny mental illness.

Everyone seems to have a kind of mental block on this issue, as if they woke up one day and all of the sudden everything was just nonstop trannies everywhere.

The course appears to be having its desired effect, at least for student Oscar Ljungström. “We hadn’t really understood before how big this is, that there were so many people hit by this. It made you think about how you behave yourself,” he said.

This course is targeted at making White Swedes even more incompetent with women by saddling them with guilt and self-hate and insidious beta agitprop.

His female classmate Hilma Eriksson said she hopes the course can help change things at her school. “There are a lot of jokes, and you hear a lot of ugly words in the corridors, and I think that if everyone has this lesson and everyone takes it on board, it will reduce it.

Come fucking on. Boys rarely make fun of girls, especially straight to their faces.

At the very worst, the lads will call you a fat bitch while you’re out of earshot amongst themselves. And 9/10 times the criticism is well-deserved.

No, the ones that you gotta worry about are the popular clique of mean girls.

Every girl knows this to be true.

Boys are easy.

Most are too stiff and nervous around girls at that age to bust a move even – so gtfo here with the fucking #metoo rape allegations.

And worse, they still push this whole Woman STRONK meme.

… while they push the meme that saying something mean around a girl is literally rape.

So which is it, feminists?

Are wahmen stronk or are they so fragile that they can’t handle a beta looking in their general direction the wrong way?

PewDiePie – the world’s most famous Swede – needs to do more than he’s doing now.

Clearly, Swedish boys aren’t respecting the wahmens enough.

And he is a role model to them after all:

Perhaps they need to force Swedish students to watch his videos until they learn how to #respekwahmen.

From PewDiePie, they’ll make their way over to the Stormer through the online underground hate railroad. When they get here, we’ll enlighten them on what Swedish wahmen really want.