Sweden Publishes Pamphlet Regarding Child Marriage

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2018

Whenever I try to understand why Sweden does what it does, I try to put myself into the shoes of a frumpy and clueless cat lady and logic it out.

If these immigrants are sleeping with and marrying young girls, it’s a bad thing, of course, but I must be compassionate and educate them that this is wrong. The poor dearies. So backwards and uneducated. They are sure to listen as long as I sit them on a rug in a circle around me in my big teachers chair and the criss-cross applesauce. I’ll hand out some pamphlets that look as if they were drawn with crayon. The immigrants are like children. Like the children I never had. I will treat them like the grandchildren I now want and spoil them rotten. God, how I hate my peers who actually had children. Also, I think that some of these immigrants will fuck me because they have much lower standards than the men in my own society and my white skin is enough to turn them on. Fuck the men of my own society. Why did no one marry me when I was forty?

Makes sense now all of a sudden, doesn’t it?

Now read this story.

Fria Tider:

The National Board of Health and Welfare has released a new leaflet together with the Swedish Migration Board, which “targets adults who are married to a child”. In social media, the Swedes are raging against the newly published information sheet.

One might think it’s an early April joke. It seems at least to be the reaction in social media.

But in publications on the National Board of Health and Welfare, you can actually find the new folder: “Information for you who are married to a child”.

The folder, published in March 2018 in cooperation with the Swedish Migration Board, is presented as follows:

“It contains information about what is happening in Sweden about child marriages and children’s rights. The folder can be left to the spouse of the social services and other professionals who meet the child.”

In the magazine you can read that “The Social Service may suggest that you do not live together for a shorter or longer period.”

The folder also informs the couple that it is “inappropriate to live together if the child is under 15 years”. This is because in Sweden no sex is allowed with anyone under the age of 15.

Amusing, isn’t it?

This is what happens when you import the Third World. All of a sudden you need to start teaching them not to rape, not to sleep with kids and not to kill people.

Again, put yourself in the shoes of a frumpy Swedish cat lady Рand believe me when I say that they run the whole damn country.

This is a picture I snapped in Husby – an immigrant ghetto. Those are the cat ladies on the town council welcoming the migrants

Will they acknowledge that their little pets are out of control?

No, of course not. They’ll keep carrying water for them.

This is what happens when you let spinsters run your country. Evils that White Male Patriarchy kept in check, like pedophilia, suddenly starts appearing again. Borders come down. Corruption and graft are no longer punished. Compassion kills, fam.

Time to bring back the patriarchy and send these old hags into the woodchi- uh…I mean the kitchen.