Sweden Prevents Syrian Refugee from Leaving, Offers Him Benefits Instead

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

I tend to feel bad when writing articles about Sweden. It can seem like I’m pointing and laughing at a disabled child with crayons in his mouth and glitter on his helmet.

But every time I finish my latest SWEDEN YES article and state, “that’s it, no more Sweden for at least two weeks,” Sweden out-Swedes itself yet again, leaving me no choice but to bully it further.

You need to understand: I don’t want to do this.

But it needs to be done.

Voice of Europe:

Syrian refugee Mohamad Sahid Alali wants to give back his Swedish residence permit and return to Syria again. But he gets no help from the authorities to return – instead, Mohamad and his daughters have to stay in Sweden, SVT news reports.

I want to return this! I want to go back to Syria,” says Mohamad and he shows his permanent residence permit to SVT.

You’ve gotta laugh at the thought of a little brown haji desperately trying to climb The Great Wall of Sweden, only for a floodlight to spot him, sirens to resound in the night, and a gang of blond-haired Diversity Containment Officers to drag him kicking and screaming back to his taxpayer-funded mansion.

Sorry Mohamad, but Sweden has a bit of a “Hotel California” thing going on.

Diversity can check out any time it likes, but it can never leave.

Mohamad Sahid Alali judges that it is safe to move home to the Syrian city of Homs, where the war has been over for a long time. But he and the daughters get no help to return, neither by the Migration Board nor the municipality.

The Migration Board makes its own assessment that Syria is “too dangerous” to go home, so the government does not grant any travel allowances to return there, according to SVT News.

Instead, the authorities continue to pay social benefits to Mohamad and his daughters to ‘establish a life’ in Sweden.

The Swedish Migration Board is staffed from top to bottom with Ulfs.

Presumably, Mohamad knows more about the state of his country than the Migration Board. It’s also probable that the most enriched cities in Sweden, like Malmö, are more dangerous than Homs or even Damascus.

I imagine Mohamad explained all this to his Swedish captors, only to get looks of sheer disbelief.

Because, as all good Swedes know, it’s simply not possible for an intolerant, patriarchal and transphobic country like Syria to be safer than liberal Sweden. Without the enrichful vibrancy of diversity, how does a nation even sustain itself?

No; it’s far better for Mohamad to remain in Sweden.

Besides, the party’s just getting started!