Sweden: Portraits of White Men Replaced with Degenerate Art

Modern Heretic
July 29, 2015

Commit genetic suicide! It’s the right thing to do!

Which formerly prosperous, spiritually healthy and racially homogenous European nation will be the first to be unceremoniously dropped into the kosher grave of “multiculturalism?” Will it be the United Kaliphate, land of mosques, cameras and knife-control laws? What about El-France with her burning cars, sharia no-go zones and weak and effeminate support for dead cartoonists? Maybe Germanistan, a humiliated nation of thousands of holohoax memorials, regular payments to the jew devil for imaginary sins and mudslime invasion? All of these are good answers, but none are correct. Swedenistan, land of rape apes and gutless White cuckolds is clearly the current the leader in the race to third world collapse.


European Guardian:

Faculty of Law at the University of Stockholm removes portraits of white men replaces them with “multicultural” art.

University of Stockholm Syndrome. It certainly puts the campaign against a historical flag of resistance in the U.S.S.A. into perspective. This is our future as the long jewish night reaches its darkest hour. A disgusting rat-like man with a giant eraser. Remove any reference to Whites. Rewrite history, talk about the founding muslims. This is genocide.

The reason given for this removal is that they “portray elderly white male professors” and does thus not comply with the faculty’s multicultural policies.

Remove the Skin Crime. The policy of jewish cultural marxism is more important. Surrender your past, abase yourself in the present, lose your future. Win the victory over yourself. Love Big jew.


The faculty dean Jonas Ebbesson does admit that “until the 70s all faculty professors were white and that they made significant contributions to legal studies.”

Until the jewish century Europe was White and they made significant contributions to civilization. Let’s destroy that to prevent a jew from calling us names. These burning cities and rape gangs are inspiring proof of how we’re not “races.” This is all that matters now, not the future of our children, not our homelands, not our survival. We must have the approval of a tiny minority of satanic monsters.

Nonetheless he has decided to make these changes in the name of feminism and multiculturalism.

For fear of the jew.

The parasite sure loves its host.
The parasite sure loves its host.

“We used to have a bust of one professor who 100 years ago was the most loud critic against making Elsa Eschelsson the first female law professor in Sweden. I think that it’s nice to not have that bust at the faculty anymore.”

It sure feels good to appease an enemy that wants me dead. I looked out the window and saw the fires and felt just a twinge of regret, but then I remembered that I was a hero who took down the hate bust. It’s really nice not to have that anymore. I took the pistol of out of my desk drawer and slid it into my smiling mouth…

Erasing White history should solve this.
Erasing White history should solve this.

The new “appropriate” artwork has been chosen by the Swedish art council in cooperation with Jonas Ebbesson and a work-group. These changes and the procurement of the new art will be paid for by the Swedish taxpayers.

Don’t worry tax-paying White sucker, you’ll get the bill for your own destruction.

Sodomite moose replaces depiction of evil White man.
Sodomite moose replaces depiction of evil White man.

An example of the new artwork is a rainbow-coloured moose head.

It’s hard to imagine a more fitting symbol. Maybe a crescent moon or African witchcraft mask.

Stay as long as you want.
Stay as long as you want.

Ebbesson’s multicultural ambitions do however stretch further than art. He’s also running a multicultural project that aims to reduce the amount of Swede’s among law students.

Fewer Whites, more dead Whites, this is always the goal. This is pure evil wrapped in a plastic smile.

“Lawyers are overrepresented within many of societies positions of power and it is therefore important that the this group mirrors society”