Sweden: Police Accused of Covering-Up Mass Haji Sex Attacks of Teens, Pre-Teens

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2016

We Are Sthlm: No one could d have predicted it would be a bad idea to invite gangs of Islamic immigrants to this event.
We Are Sthlm 2014: No one could d have predicted it would be a bad idea to invite gangs of Islamic immigrants to this event.

Surprisingly, Swedish feminists apparently cover-ed up haji mass-rapes.

Shocking that hajis would mass-rape, shocking that feminists would cover it up.

Everything is shocking these days.


Sweden is facing its own version of Germany’s Cologne scandal with police in Stockholm pledging to investigate allegations of covering up mass sexual assault at a festival two years ago.

Swedish police promised to investigate urgently the claims reported first by liberal newspaper Dagens Nyheter that a gang of youths — reportedly mostly from Afghanistan — groped and molested girls as young as 11 or 12.

The allegations, which date back to the 2014 youth festival We Are Sthlm, are yet to be confirmed. But they are still likely to cause a political scandal perhaps even greater than the reaction in Germany because of the success in the Nordic country of an anti-immigration party, the Sweden Democrats, that has in recent months periodically topped opinion polls.

Stefan Lofven, Sweden’s centre-left prime minister, called the incident “a double betrayal” for the women involved and a “big democratic problem” for his country.

But if you wouldn’t have betrayed the women you would have to betray the innocent and vulnerable Moslem gang-sex attackers.

O Stephan, thou cannot serve two masters.
O Stephan, thou cannot serve two masters.

It’s a catch 22, Stefan.

“We shall not close our eyes and look away. We need to deal with such a serious problem,” Mr Lofven told the daily newspaper Expressen.

Peter Agren, who was in charge of policing at the festival, was reported by Dagens Nyheter as saying about the cover-up allegations: “This is a sore point. We sometimes dare not to say how it is because we think it might play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.

Reporting the sex crimes of immigrants clearly helps the Nazis.

We Are 2014: We thought it was the perfect place to introduce teenagers from Afghanistan to Swedish culture.
We Are Sthlm 2014: We thought it was the perfect place to introduce teenagers from Afghanistan to Swedish culture.

I know that because I’m a Nazi.

Bjorn Soder, a senior Sweden Democrats MP, told Expressen newspaper: “It is a scandal without equal. This must be investigated immediately. Could this be something that happened at several locations in the country, that they do not bother to tell you certain things because it could ‘play into the hands of a particular party’?

We appear to have a house of cards type situation on our hands here.

Dagens Nyheter reported that an internal police report into the events surrounding the 2014 music festival stated that “the problem of young men rubbing themselves up against young girls returned as in previous years”. But when Stockholm police made a public statement on the festival, it said there had been “relatively few crimes”.

At the time no one could have suspected that it was Moslems because Swedish boys, such as those pictured below, are internationally known as “rubbers” due to their habit of rubbing their crotches against 11 and 12 year old girls at public festivals.

swedish gamers

About 50 youths, predominantly from Afghanistan according to Dagens Nyheter’s sources, were involved in sexual assaults that in one case constituted possible rape.

Dan Eliasson, Sweden’s national police commissioner, said overnight that he had only found out about the allegations on Sunday evening. “But one thing is sure: I will ensure that this is investigated.”

Sweden’s sexual assault statistics have long been under the spotlight, with claims that it has more reported rapes per capita than any other European country. Although several reasons are given including how the statistics are reported, critics have argued that it is because of the large number of immigrants Sweden has received.

But dontchaknow, #WhiteWomenCantBeRaped.

In order to rape you have to have institutionalized power.

These women should shut their infidel whore mouths and start wearing hijab if they don’t want to get groped.