Sweden: Pack of Kebabesses Attack Swedish Boy in School Hallway

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2020

Pretty soon we’ll be seeing videos of Moslem toddlers attacking Swedes.

And the Swedes will still be cowering in fear.

Samnytt (Translation):

Social news can show a video from an elementary school showing how a bunch of girls in veils surround and attack a lonely Swedish boy. At the same time, teachers seem to ignore the intervention and instead worry about filming the event.

It was at lunchtime on Wednesday that a brawl broke out between pupils in grade nine in Viksängsskolan in Västerås.

The video shows how one of the people chasing the boy says “to my mother I will fuck”. It is also visible how a male teacher sees the course of events but chooses not to intervene. Instead, it is heard how the man is disturbed that a student is filming the event.

Social news has talked to the boy who states that the background to the brawl is that he and a friend were disturbed by a girl in the gang when they worked during lesson time. They resigned and asked the girl to leave, which she turned to alleged racism. She also claims that the boy should have said the “n-word” (negro ed. Note), which he thinks is purely inventive to create trouble.

Furthermore, the boy and several other students testify that teachers saw the incident but chose not to act.