Sweden: Over 250 Bombings in 2019, Just 7 Convictions

Daily Stormer
January 29, 2020

Last night in Sweden

I trust we’re all well aware that those 7 convictions were actually caused by racism.


New figures released from the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Bra) have shown that in 2019, the country saw a total of 257 reports of explosions and bombings, up from prior estimates and an increase of 59 per cent from 2018, broadcaster SVT reports.

A further review by the broadcaster has shown that the number of people convicted for these attacks has been poor, with only seven convictions of public endangerment due to the use of explosives.

When these Moslem shitholes are sending their people, they’re not sending their brightest…

Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to get convicted of a crime in Sweden as a brown hominid?

The country’s entire state apparatus exists to keep you free and doing crime, and you still screw up.

Still, Sweden has no real prisons anyway…

… so maybe they were trying to get there on purpose.

Marie Borgh, who is the head of the national bomb protection, has claimed that the main reason for the lack of convictions in explosive cases is due to the difficulty of prosecuting individuals.

“The technical evidence is difficult when it is blown up. Most of it is blown away in connection with the detonation. Often, someone may order this job based on a conflict that exists. A bomb builder will build the bomb and someone else will then carry it out,” Borgh said.

She went on to add that police did not think the bombings were intentionally being carried out to kill people but added, “Some of the charges have been so powerful that there was a risk of it. This is obviously ignored, though it may not be the basic purpose.”

Yes, of course they have a woman in charge.

Why isn’t there peace in Sweden?

This is Sweden, there’s women in charge of almost everything, and they never seem to make a connection between this and why nothing ever seems to work as it should.

Swedish gangs, who are largely seen as being behind the bombings, have previously used hand grenades against rival gangs in order to spread fear according to Police officer Gunnar Appelgren who noted in 2018 that hand grenades were easy to find and inexpensive.

“Some groups initially estimated that hand grenades are good for scaring or attacking another group. Then you are in a spiral, where hand grenades become part of the weapons used in these gang conflicts,” he said.

There are no Swedish gangs in Sweden, they’re just varying hues of brown.

And why is it easy to get hand grenades?

Don’t your gun control laws work on grenades too?

Do you need some special grenade control ones that you don’t have for some reason?

Or maybe the real problem is that you let your women outside of the cages they belong in?