Sweden: No One Intervenes as Woman Gang-Raped by Migrants on the Street

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2017

People are busy.

Can’t be stopping to interfere with every cat caught in a tree or woman getting gang-raped by Islamic vibrants.

This is google translated.

Fria Tider:

A woman should have been gang-raped by several men in central Gävle weekend. Several people passed by the incident without intervening.

It was at 02 o’clock at night on Sunday, April 2 that a young woman was gang-raped in central Gävle.

The woman, who is in his 20s, to have been forced into an alley between Kirkkokatu and North Beach Street by three men, police writes on his website.

Since joining another man who also participated in the rape.

Meanwhile, the rape was going on the woman tried to get help from people who passed by the scene, but no one did anything.

“It passes both men and women past the crime scene but no one helps plaintiff despite her cries for help and find themselves in a difficult situation,” the police.

One of the offenders should have calmed the people who passed by the place that it was his girlfriend that he and his friends were doing.

The rape occurred near a tavern.

“I myself hard to see how they would react that way, but it is not I police and know how people can behave in the tavern,” said police spokesman Mikael Hedström to Aftonbladet and points out that it is extremely tragic for the victim that no intervened.

Police now want to get in touch with the people who passed by the scene of the crime in order to get a clearer picture of the event as well as descriptions of the perpetrators.