Sweden: Nigerians Go on Trial for Using Legit Voodoo to Force Nigerianesses Into Prostitution

Daily Stormer
May 14, 2018

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I don’t know what’s worse – the fact that there are Nigerians in Europe, or the fact that Swede feminism is so out of control that Nigerian hookers are a thing.


The district court in Malmö, often touted as “Sweden’s most multicultural city,” will next hear a case involving human traffickers allegedly using a Nigerian brand of witchcraft to force women into selling sex.

Two female victims from Nigeria will testify in a case of human trafficking and prostitution, involving juju, a Nigerian variant of voodoo particularly popular in the Edo State from where many sex slaves trafficked into Europe come, the daily newspaper Expressen reported.

That sounds like just the kind of economic activity you need to make sure all those pensions are being paid.

The traffickers have realized that by utilizing juju priests they can keep the women in obedience,” criminal investigator Simon Häggström from the National Operative Department told Expressen. “They really believe in two parallel worlds, one visible and one invisible. The invisible world consists of good and evil spirits that can affect one’s everyday life,” he added.

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Daily Stormer: fair and balanced.

The two women who will testify about human trafficking and forced prostitution claim to have both undergone a juju ritual, for which they received €45,000 and €40,000 ($53,000 and $47,000) respectively and took an oath to repay the money through work in Sweden, without fully understanding how large the sums actually are.

These clinically retarded monkeys seem to be able to make a lot of money.

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One of the women told the police that during the ritual she was made to eat raw chicken heart, was cut on the chest with a razorblade and had animal blood rubbed into the wounds.

That sounds like a good thing to remember next time some new disease just pops out of thin air over in Africa, and we’re told about how we have to help those poor innocent monkey people because the Holocaust or something.

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The Nigerian women were promised regular jobs in Europe, such as waitresses or au pair girls. Instead, however, they were forced into prostitution. Should they ever break the oath or go to the police, the juju magic would punish them and their families with sickness and death, they were assured.

“We have Nigerian women traveling around Sweden who are scared to death and clearly exposed to trafficking in human beings, but the trafficker is never around,” Simon Häggström said, stressing the psychological power the witch doctors have over their victims. According to Häggström, 99 in 100 victims never dare to turn to police.

You know, I don’t know much about being a waiter, but I do know that having Africans handling people’s food is never a good idea.


One of the suspects, a fellow Nigerian man who received Swedish citizenship in 2007, reportedly received one of the women in his apartment in Malmö and forced her to have sex under the threat of a juju curse. The man reportedly took half the money the woman earned and forced her to sleep on the balcony. Should he be convicted, he cannot be expelled, because he holds Swedish citizenship.


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