Sweden: Neo-Swede Assaults and Rapes Young Girl in Park

“The police’s belief is that the man became muddy during the rape.”

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Samnytt (Translation):

A man has been arrested for serious rape in Norrköping. The man has attacked a girl under 15 years and then raped her, according to reports to Aftonbladet. Upon arrest, the man was muddy and carried away the girl’s phone.

It was at ten o’clock on Wednesday that the police were alerted to a town in Norrköping municipality regarding a so-called violent crime.

A large area was blocked off and forensic technicians worked on the site throughout the afternoon. At the same time, a hunt was started for the perpetrator in different parts of the municipality.

On its website, the police state that it is a “gross violent crime” but say no more.

According to Aftonbladet, however, it is a serious rape against children.

The victim is a young girl under 15 who was assaulted and raped by an unknown man in a green area, the magazine writes.

Shortly after the incident, a man was arrested by the police. According to Aftonbladet sources, the police must have suspected that the man was muddy when he got off a train. When the police then checked the man found the girl’s cellphone.

The police’s belief is that the man became muddy during the rape.