Sweden: Multiculturalism’s Burning

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January 4, 2015

In light of the recent spate of Mosque attacks in Sweden, the leftist cronies throughout the mainstream media are lamenting Sweden’s fall from grace as the Socialist “paradise” it has often been described as.

"Swedes" burning their National Flag (Source)
“Swedes” burning their National Flag (Source)

These reporters are lamenting the rise of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats and the attention they are bringing to the issue of Muslim immigration into Sweden.  In the words of Swedish “social scientist” Dr. Adrian Groglopo, “It is a very difficult time in Sweden.  Now we can talk about things that we weren’t allowed to talk about before.  It is a kind of coup d’etat.

Yes, Mr. Groglopo, it is a very difficult time indeed.  A difficult time for the establishment, who have lost control of the narrative and now must face public scrutiny regarding their lax immigration policies.  A new political force has freed the Swedish people from the chains of Political Correctness that left them voiceless as their nation was irreparably transformed.

Newsflash: You do not have the right or the authority to determine what Swedish citizens have the right to talk about. As human beings, our natural rights come from our creator, not authoritarian Socialists who seek to stifle rational discourse, a clever means of ensuring that your policies are never open to public scrutiny.

Moreover, the rise of the Sweden Democrats and anti-Muslim sentiment throughout Sweden does not signal the death of its reputation as a “paradise”.  These recent developments are simply the effect of mass Muslim immigration into Sweden, and the crime, rape, and dysfunction they have brought to its shores.  As a matter of face, the Swedish “paradise” perished years ago.

Muslim Immigration to Sweden 

Muslim immigrants have enriched Sweden in numerous ways.  Prior to mass immigration, Swedish citizens were not fortunate enough to experience the joys of diversity that contemporary Swedes enjoy.  Below, I will highlight three cultural phenomena that modern Swedes experience in the “new” Sweden.

1) National Rape Epidemic

Mass immigration has propelled Sweden to number two in the global rape rankings, behind only the Communist paradise of South Africa.  According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, the Muslim population (5% of Sweden’s total) in Sweden accounts for 77.6% of all rapes in Sweden.

This reality is in stark contrast with the Sweden media’s portrayal of Muslim immigrants as helpless victims of native intolerance and racism.
 For instance, in its article covering the recent Mosque attacks, the left-wing Swedish news publication The Local interviewed “Swedish” Muslim poet Amer Sarsour who proclaimed, “They say Muslims are a a problem – but Muslims have never been a problem in Sweden.  The Sweden Democrats have played a role in all that’s been happening – the Islamaphobia, the racism against Muslims.”

No, Mr. Sarsour. the Islamophobia and racism stem from the basic laws of cause and effect.  Native Swedes are resisting the ‘fundamental transformation’ of their country, the systematic rape of their women, and the colonization of their homeland by hostile forces.

2) No-Go Zones

Multicultural Sweden now boasts 55 diverse “no-go zones”, areas in which Swedish police have lost control of and are attacked upon entering.  Further, there are now 186 “exclusion areas” in the new Sweden.

The existence of these areas further are proof of the crypto-colonization that Muslim immigrants are perpetuating throughout Europe.  These areas are no longer Swedish, governed by Swedish law.  They are now Islamic outposts within Sweden, governed by Sharia law.

3) Riots

"Swedish" Rioter Fleeing the Scene (Source)
“Swedish” Rioter Fleeing the Scene (Source)

As in France and England, riots have now become a normative feature of the Swedish cultural experience.

The Stockholm Riots of 2013 shook the nation to its core, as Muslim immigrants took to the streets to voice their displeasure with Swedish society.

Apparently, the tolerant liberals within the Swedish political establishment had segregated their new political allies into ethnic ghettos, excluded from mainstream Swedish society.

Additionally, a riot broke out last month in the Stockholm neighborhood Ragsved, a former Swedish neighborhood that has now become an ethnic ghetto.  Police were pelted with firebombs and stones, and a number of cars were set on fire.


 Swedish Youth demanding "Stop Hostility Towards Swedes" (Source)
Swedish Youth demanding “Stop Hostility Towards Swedes” (Source)

As in almost every European nation that has been flooded with immigrants, resistance to the hostile invaders is growing in Sweden.  The recent reports of mosque attacks are a symptom of citizen frustration with government inaction.

Although I condemn these attacks, I can understand why Swedes are resorting to these methods.  But as I have mentioned before, it is not the immigrants to blame.  The immigrants do not write the immigration policies of Sweden.  It is the political establishment that should be brought to task for the current state of affairs.

I predict that once Nationalists regain control of their nations, the facilitators of mass Muslim immigration will be tried, and convicted, of treason.

In the meantime, it is imperative that European patriots exercise restraint, rather than attacking immigrants and their places of worship. Remember, the Nationalist tsunami is gaining strength, and when it reaches critical mass, a non-violent, democratic solution will emerge.

As an outside observer of European politics, I hope for a peaceful solution to the issues facing that continent.  But as a student of European history, I am afraid that the prospect of non-violent measures are dwindling by the day.