Sweden: MP Calls for Domestic Military Intervention as Country Sinks Into Chaos

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2017

Scandinavia has the reputation of being a nation of Care Bears. The police are friendly, restrained and have great respect for a citizens’ long list of rights. When blacks rioted in Stockholm in 2012, some cucks offered them iPads to stop. Their justice system is known around the world for its emphasis on reform rather than punishment.

But the problem is, all are not equal under this alleged enlightenment regime. When it comes to critics of the Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish governments, like the Nordic Resistance Movement, both the state and its police cronies treat people handing out flyers or peacefully demonstrating with the same brutality of any given third world dictatorship.

Naturally, Somalis can’t be reformed or really integrated, because the mean IQ of Somalia is 68. Any place large numbers of them dwell in will reflect that. The contrast is especially stark if there are a lot of nice shiny things around to steal, break or sexually penetrate without the threat of some Muslim cleric chopping off your hands. It’s true that IQ isn’t everything , and it doesn’t always correlate with criminal behavior, but come on, there are people with down’s syndrome who have greater intellectual capabilities than the average Somali.

It’s not even their fault. Somalis and those like them are overwhelmed by being physically incapable of independently functioning in an advanced society. All they can do is get on top of a burning police car, grab their crotch and howl at the moon in confusion, as the police stand back with a dumb look on their faces, snared by the handcuffs of political correctness.

Now Sweden is collapsing with an unsustainable number of :people” like this in their country – and some folks are noticing.

Daily Express:

Launching a seething attack on the red-green parties in Malmo, Magnus Olsson said it was time to call in the military to end the surge in violent crimes that have been sweeping the city.

Painting a blake picture of Sweden’s third largest city, the opposition politician blasted Malmo has lost enough of its citizens to shootouts, grenade attacks and murders.

Speaking to Expressen, Mr Olsson also said there was a great lack of police officers in Sweden, which means officers could benefit from the armed forces’ resources.

He said: “There is a great lack of police officers in Sweden and Malmö. For this reason, it is perhaps time to let the military and police to stand together to reestablish order in the country.

“We absolutely don’t believe the military should go in and to the police’s job.

“However in times of crisis the military can help keep law and order and assist the police with logistics services, materials, vehicles, and more.”

Mr Olsson also called for the local government to invest more in its police department so they were better equipped to crack down on organised crime.

Malmo has seen a surge in violent incidents and during just three months over the summer in 2016, more than 70 cars were set alight by rampaging thugs.

At the time, police said they believed the intense period with car blazes had been sparked by a crack down on organised crime.

Officer Erik Jansåker said: “This, in my opinion, is criminal people who are [lashing out] because of our efforts to [crack down] on the serious organised crime.”

However, the trend of setting vehicles alight has continued and is showing no signs of slowing down as shocking footage of burnt out cars keep emerging online.

Another three vehicles were destroyed in Malmo in the early hours of Wednesday morning, officials confirmed.

In addition to vandals starting infernos, the hard-hit city is also struggling to cope with crime as Malmo has been described as a “lawless city” and a “battlefield” as the surge in crime continues.

On New Year’s Eve, police were forced to admit the city was not safe as migrant gangs sent fireworks into crowds and chanted “jihad” in front of terrified locals.

Police spokesman Nils Norling said: “It’s known that you can’t guarantee your own safety if you’re there on New Year’s Eve. There’s a risk you could be hit with a rocket.”

The demand to sent in the military comes just days after police accused the European Union of turning Malmo into a lawless state by failing to crack down on illegal weapons trade.

These politicians will continue to ignore the problem because they live in elite and homogenous neighborhoods and are being bribed. That’s right: most male Swedish parliament members don’t actually believe in multiculturalism (“pathological altruism” is a myth), it’s just politically profitable and doesn’t affect them or anyone they know personally.

I’m sure the lawlessness in Sweden will only get better as the non-white population continues to grow exponentially.