Sweden: Moslems Mad That Only “Far Right Racists” are Talking About 12-Year-Old Killed in Gang War

When you have brown people in your country, one of the things you’re going to have is gang warfare. It’s an inevitability, which any mature adult is aware of.

Sweden is a country that does not want its population to be mature adults who deal with reality frankly, so they are attempting to cover up the fact that their program to import millions of brown people into their country has resulted in something other than sunshine and lollipops. Thus, when a 12-year-old girl was killed by a stray bullet in a gang war situation in a McDonald’s parking lot over the weekend, the Swedish media barely mentioned it.

The tragic event was primarily only reported on by “far right racists,” who, being the only adults in the Swedish room, are capable of facing the more grim realities of turning a country from white to brown.

Fascinatingly, however, at least one Moslem is upset about the fact that the mainstream is not addressing the shooting. Tweeter @rojavaspirit, an apparent brown female who lives in Sweden, said that the media should address it and that the brown population of Sweden should be concerned about the fact that their community is involved in gang wars.

This is similar to what goes on in America, where many in the black community are upset that children are dying in gang wars, usually from stray bullets, but cannot get any help from the media, which only wishes to play up the hoax of police killings of innocent blacks.

In general, there are a lot of problems associated with the program to transform white countries into brown countries, and many of these problems involve violence and poverty. The mainstream media is part of an ideological agenda that wants everything on earth to be “brown-washed,” so they will always cover up these negative consequences of their agenda, and pretend that the browning of the West is all about holding hands and singing joyful songs of happiness.