Sweden: Moslem Shoots Up Community Center Because Someone Hit His Brother

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2017

Sweden is getting more enriched by the second.

Soon all Swedish firefighters will be Islamic women in hijab. Then you’re really gonna put out some fires. All human beings are exactly the same, but white men are lower than animals. Islamic women are second only to black trannies in equalness. 

Another Islamic shooting in Sweden?

With a shooter still on the loose because cops generally do nothing about this sort of thing?

How is this newsworthy?


Three people have been injured in a shooting in Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmo. Police are currently searching for the shooter.

The shooting occurred in a building on Ystadvagen Street in Malmo overnight Saturday, according to a police statement. Two people suffered life-threatening injuries, one other was left with minor injuries.

Neither the number of offenders nor their whereabouts are known so far, police said in statement.

The building, according to police, is likely a community property rented out for organizing events. About 70 to 100 people were there at the time of the attack, according to local media reports.

According to reports in local media, a man entered the building shouting “Who hit my brother?” before opening fire.

RT has reached out to Swedish police, who said they could not confirm at the moment whether the incident was isolated or related to gang violence, according to police spokesperson Anna Goransson.

The police are currently talking to witnesses and checking CCTV cameras. Traffic on Ystad Road was locked down until the end of the forensic examination of the site. It was reopened at 10am local time.

Not a big deal.

Who cares?

Of course Moslems are going to shoot one another, shoot whites, gang-rape white women, blow things up, run people over with trucks, etc.

This is part of the unique and vibrant identity of Islamic culture.

What we need to focus on now is stopping players from rolling deep like bosses.

The real threat to our safety is not Moslems. It is players who roll like bosses.

Players are classified by the UN as “the biggest fucking threat you’ve ever heard of, shit, motherfucker, they are rolling out there” and that is what the international media and the international community need to focus on.

The fact that RT – a Russian propaganda outlet – is even bothering to report this story should tell you all you need to know. No other English media is reporting it, because it isn’t important. Russians have been caught funding and aiding players across the Western world. They even have a special school in St. Petersburg where they teach westerners how to “not give a fuck” and to “roll like bosses.”