Sweden: Moslem Kicks Swede in Head After Forcing Him to Kiss His Shoes, Orders Him to Strip Naked


At least they didn’t pee on his face.


A video shows how a boy is surrounded and gets down on his knees where he is forced to kiss the attacker’s shoes before he is suddenly kicked in the head. Then the boy is forced out of his clothes as he cries and appeals. The gang then orders the boy to run naked and without shoes next to their car.

Social news has on several occasions noted how a new crime-descriptive word has been minted in Denmark and gained wide spread. It is ‘domination crime’ and concerns such violence that immigrants, in particular, commit crimes against Danes. Violence is described as gross, reckless, unprovoked and commonly occurring in everyday life. In Sweden, a similar word has spread: ‘degrading violence’.

We can once again show an example of the phenomenon of violence that is gaining ground in Sweden. A video that is said to be filmed at a park area in southern Sweden shows a bunch of dressed in, among other things, adidas pants, while they humiliate and kick a boy who at times appears completely naked in the picture.

It is not clear when the incident occurred and the background is still unknown. In the video, the perpetrators, one of whom is called “Elamo”, allege that the victim is “guilty cash”.

It’s because of the Crusades.