Sweden: Moslem Boy Vibrantly Enriched Swedish Man at Gunpoint

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2018

Sweden YES!

In this case, I’m inclined to believe the Moslem.

After all, it would be racist and go against the moral code of Sweden to not let a Moslem teenager to have homo sex with you.

Sputnik News:

The Swedish authorities stressed that it was highly unusual for minors to be arrested in Sweden, let alone on suspicion of rape.

A 17-year-old immigrant boy has been arrested for the suspected rape of a 37-year-old man while holding him at gunpoint, the Fria Tider news outlet reported.

The teenager arranged a meeting with his alleged victim in Malmö for a reason yet not established. During the meeting, the immigrant reportedly directed a firearm at the man, then proceeded to rape and rob him.

According to Fria Tider, the boy has an ostensibly Arabic name and is registered at an address in Malmö. He was born in 2000.

Prosecutor Ida Killeslätt told the Sydsvenskan daily that the operational assumption is that the boy agreed to sell sex to his victim. However, no evidence of this has been found so far.