Sweden: Monkey Who Killed Two White People for No Reason Demands to be Let Out of Prison So It Can Eat at McDonald’s

Daily Stormer
September 26, 2017

Swedes are so tolerant, they even let it play with a toy knife in the hospital, so it won’t get bored

This submonkey is the creature that did the IKEA murders in 2015. It basically went up to a woman and her son and stabbed them to death, then stabbed itself in the stomach (you didn’t actually think the swedecuck cops put it in the hospital, did you?). The creature did it because it was being deported back to Eritrea, where the brutal Syrian civil war was then at its peak.

As a result of the incident, IKEA stopped selling knives in their stores, which was the most radical anti-terrorism measure in the history of Sweden. Many childless women even accused the company of Hitlerism and hurtfeels over it.


Failed Eritrean asylum seeker Abraham Ukbagabir, who murdered a woman and her son in an Ikea in Västerås, Sweden, is now demanding he be let out of prison temporarily so he can visit McDonald’s and do some shopping.

Mr. Ukbagabir is currently serving his life sentence for the double murder at a prison in Södertälje. He applied for a permit which allows prisoners to leave the prison on a temporary basis saying that he was interested in going shopping for new trainers and said he missed eating at McDonald’s and Burger King, but the hearing denied his request,Göteborgs-Postenreports.

Why was this thing even given a hearing?

Even more importantly – why is the critter still alive?

The Swedish Criminal Service based their decision on a number of factors including the serious, heinous nature of the crime Mr. Ukbagabir committed.

In 2015, Ukbagabir entered an Ikea where he found a kitchen knife in the kitchen supplies area and then proceeded to stab to death a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son in a random attack and then attempted to commit suicide afterwards. The event took place hours after the Swedish migration bureau informed the Eritrean that his asylum application had been rejected, and he subsequently admitted during the trial that the attack was in revenge for the decision.

If niggers had human brains, they would understand that revenge is something you do against someone who’s actually wronged you. But this was not the case, since merely not shooting on sight is already more than this monkey deserved.

Despite confessing to the crime, the migrant claimed he never meant to kill the pair.

Only vile Nazis like myself can believe that stabbing two people to death means you actually wanted to kill them. I feel so evil.

After being found guilty in court, he was sent to prison where he was abused and beaten by fellow inmates. Ukbagabir was moved to several different prisons because of the constant threats to his safety.

I guess there are still real men in Sweden, but they’re all in prison. Probably arrested for fart rape, or eating bacon around diversity.

Earlier this year, the 37-year-old failed asylum seeker made headlines in Sweden after making an appeal to claim compensation due to the number of disparaging social media posts about him on Facebook.

According to reports, an unnamed man was charged with libel for posting a comment saying: “He is supposed to be dead, not just injured.”

This invader stabs up random people for no reason, or for Allah or whatever, and there’s a public discussion about whether or not he deserves a trip McDonald’s, while someone saying he deserved to die is charged with “libel.”

You’d think someone even being threatened with legal action for demanding the death of a terrorist – not even demanding it, just saying it should have happened – would result in some type of revolt.

This being Sweden, I don’t expect anything to happen though…