Sweden: Migrant Screams “I Will Kill You,” Stabs Two People in Stockholm

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2019

Actually, I don’t know if he was a migrant.

That was presumptuous on my part.

He could very well have been a Swede with a tanned complexion.

Fria Tider (Google Translate):

Two people were stabbed by an unknown perpetrator in Johanneshov on Wednesday evening. According to Aftonbladet, the victims should have suffered an injury to the neck or a stab in the chest. They have been admitted to hospital.

It was at 7.30 pm yesterday that four people were attacked by an unknown perpetrator in Skärmarbrink in Stockholm.

“Some form of sharp object has been used and two people got injured and had to be taken to hospital”, writes the police in their event report.

The motive for the act is still unknown and no one has been arrested for the crime at present.

But according to Aftonbladet , the man earlier in the evening should have been on the street and screaming “I will kill you”, after which he shortly later began to randomly stab people.

He is described as being peculiarly unstable.

Four young men in their 25s should have been attacked by the perpetrator, two of whom were physically injured. The victims must have been slaughtered because of their injuries, writes Aftonbladet. One victim should have a superficial knife injury on the neck and the other should have been cut in the chest.

A technical survey and door knock has been carried out on the site. Police and picket strength must have watched the area after the incident, but so no suspects have been able to be arrested.

The police also refuse to issue any signaling to the perpetrator, except that he can be between 20 and 35 years old.