Sweden: Migrant Rapists Confronted by Nazi Hero

Daily Stormer
October 9, 2016

The great guys from the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) are at it again. This video, which has gone viral in Sweden, shows that the people are starting to stand up to these rapefugees.

The longer the state refuses to protect the people from this scourge, the greater the opportunity will be for nationalist groups to enact justice in it’s place. Eventually, the people will come straight to us when they have problems, rather than even think about getting state help.

The traitors are digging their own graves.


The perfidious traitors running the Swedish state have seen fit to persecute this hero for merely expressing his distaste for rapist scum.


(Translated through Google)

The activist who verbally confronted the suspected rapists on Gotland was taken today in the interrogation of police officers in connection with the police made a search of him during Sunday morning. Earlier, police officers stopped him in his arbetsbil and fabricated false criminal charges.

As North Front could reveal where it was one of the Nordic Council of Resistance activists who verbally confronted the immigrants who are suspected of gang rape against a wheelchair-bound woman on the island. The incident was captured on film and became viral on YouTube with over 139,000 views in writing.

In Radio North Front element that can be heard above could activist also tell how he last Thursday, the day after the incident, was harassed by police officers who stopped him as he drove the car and claimed he was suspected of drug offenses and must comply with to a hospital for do tests.

They will have to pay for this!

In Sweden, the police are actively complicit in the crimes of these migrants, and shelter them to protect them against their own population. Not only that, but they will viciously persecute anyone who complains loudly enough about the situation.