Sweden: Middle-Aged Female Refugee Workers “Systematically” Screwing “Teenage” Invaders

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017

A male Swedish cuckmmunist close to the asylum industry is blowing the whistle on the so called “Dyed Witches”: middle-aged women who work in both civil service and private immigration NGOs in order to “sexually exploit” immigrant “minors.”

Fria Tider:

Swedish Left-wing women about SEX with refugee children: “WE ALL DO IT”

The trial against the so-called “Arboga-woman” has drawn attention to how middle-aged women in the asylum industry are having sex with refugee children. “We all do it”, says the testimony of an asylum woman on the left-wing site “Blankspot”.

Previously, the issue has mostly been discussed on sites like Flashback, where sexual relations between what users call “Dye witches” and refugee children have received extensive attention. But now it is the well-known Communist Martin Schibby’s website Blankspot, who has published a text in which an anonymous leftist-woman writes about how she takes home so-called “unaccompanied refugee children” from the Migration Board to her residence.

According to the woman’s text, sexual relations between women and so-called refugee children are extensive. In her text about one of her sex nights with a “unaccompanied refugee child” she writes:

“Enough with the sofa, he can join me in bed. I text a friend: “help – I have to take him (have sex) in my bed!”

Answer: “We all do it, calm down. This is how it is, give him closeness. That’s what you can do.” she writes in her text.

Academician and debater Ann Heberlein, who recently changed her views on immigration, writes in a comment that the text confirms how this behavior is fully accepted and systematized in the environment around the unaccompanied refugee children.

These divorcees and childless catladies have let themselves go. Most women over 40 in Germanic countries have utilitarian dyke hair and dress purely for “comfort,” so their prospects among equals naturally dwindles as time goes on. They spent their best years making awful romantic decisions and burning bridges with men, but these boomers still feel entitled to sex and male validation.

Under the guise of “human rights,” they bring young Negro and Arab immigrants into their homes to play X-Box and party in their sensible ecological Bauhaus apartments. They do this in a “revolving door” fashion, having sex with scores of young immigrants as they await relocation or state accommodation.

The average black or Afghan will have sex with a goat if you put it in front of him, and most of these “unaccompanied minors” are actually adult men lying about their age, so they’re not exactly “victims” either.

But the point stands: these Croc Shoe wearing NWO slags are the same ones that treat all (white) male sexuality as an evil pathology. Older men who go to Southeast Asia to get laid are “evil exploiters,” but these spinsters are doing the same exact thing while rationalizing it to look like selfless humanitarians.

The political infrastructure in both Sweden and Germany is composed disproportionately of post-menopausal and ugly women – not a coincidence. Jews hand-pick traitorous losers with a score to settle against their own for this genocide project.

The Germanic people languish underneath the Iron Croc

Thanks to Muh [dry] Coochie, normal Swedes are being raped, murdered and may no longer exist in a few generations. That is why every time an innocent Swedish woman is abducted and gang-raped by Eritreans or Afghans, it is always a 50-year-old career “feminist” bureaucrat or establishment journalist that rushes in to cover it up and protect their racket.

It’s time to stop pretending these Judeo-Leftists are confused or misinformed humanists. They’re doing it for money, they’re doing it for sex, they’re doing it for prestige – they’re doing it for themselves at the expense of everyone around them. There is no way to rationally debate them because the premise they put forward is a false one.