Sweden: Mass Upset as Nordic Resistance Movement Marches onto Tennis Court Mid-Game!

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2017

Match interrupted as lone White man strides confidently onto the court and hails victory!

Outrage abounds in Sweden this evening, as a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement walks onto an ongoing tennis match in the Swedish Open and shouts “Hell Seger” (Hail Victory) at the top of his voice while displaying the Right-Wing brofist of peace and understanding.

According to Nordfront, the absolute madman who perpetrated this act of defiance is Erik Wuttudal, leader of their Skaraborg chapter. Wuttudal confirms that the act itself was spontaneous, and though trespassing charges was filed with police, he has been released without further incident.


It was during the second set of the Swedish Open semifinals in Båstad, between Fernando Verdasco and David Ferrer, that a man calmly walked down the stairs and onto the court in the middle of an ongoing match and stopped it.

Thereafter the man yelled the nazi slogan “Hell Seger!”

“What’s happening? What is this? Remove him, remove him! Take him away! Where are the guards? Completely scandalous!” yells an infuriated” “Fidde” Rosengren who was the expert commentator during TV10’s broadcast.

After a while, approximately 30 seconds, security finally arrived to take the man away from the court so that the match could resume.

“What a long time it took them. This should not happen, it is so sad. Nobody is supposed to be able to walk onto centrecourt in this way, I am so upset I am [Literally] shaking” continues Rosengren.

The only upsetting thing here is this qt being a useless police officer and not at home raising children.

For being such an ‘upsetting’ event however, there sure are a lot of grins to be found in the audience. Hell, even the niggers are laughing. In fact, the only person who seems even remotely upset is the SJW, who undoubtedly owns several cats that she refers to as furbabies. The other ladies in the audience seem positively impressed by this lone man’s stand against the oppressive regime of his country, and I would be willing to wager several White babies will be conceived tonight because of this event.

The Nordic Resistance Movement later endorsed the action by tweet.

The stunt comes among a spree of similar activity which is intended to spread awareness of our plight to the Scandinavian people and it is extremely refreshing to see such a rampant display of high agency.

Meanwhile in another part of Sweden, a group of resistance members who were peacefully distributing fliers got attacked by a negro and his Jewish handler in broad daylight: