Sweden: Man Arrested for Beating Home Invader Who Put a Gun in His Kid’s Mouth

Daily Stormer
December 12, 2018

So brave… So powerful…

Giving women the right to vote was a great idea in general, but nowhere is this more obvious than in Sweden.

Voice of Europe:

A father of a 7-year-old boy in Malmö has been arrested for beating up a burglar who put a gun in the boy’s mouth.

The 45-year-old burglar broke into a flat in Malmö. He was confronted by the family who lives there, whereupon he grabbed one of the children, a 7-year-old. He then allegedly put his gun in the boy’s mouth.

Of course this happened in Malmo, which is one of the Swedest cities in Sweden – because more than half the population are non-Swedes, and non-Swedes are the only real Swedes.

If you don’t find this heartwarming, you’re a vile Nazi

 When the child’s grandmother saw this, she screamed and managed to snatch the child. Then the boy’s father came into the room and the two men started fighting.

I’m gonna assume this is not a Swedish family, since the father actually attacked the guy threatening his son instead of apologizing for the holocaust.

The father “flipped out” and hit the gunman so hard that he lost consciousness and suffered severe head injury, a source tells Aftonbladet.

The police then came to the site and seized the burglar – and also the father. Since then, he has been locked up and detained, suspected of aggravated assault.

The intruder was arrested suspected of aggravated unlawful threats, assault in two cases and drug offence.

This guy picked the wrong place to act like a normal man would.

In a sane country, just straight-up killing him would’ve been not only legal, but applauded by the wider society.

But this is Sweden, where acting like a normal man is illegal and seen as a mental illness.

One of several people who has commented on the case is the Swedish MP Hanif Bali.

In a tweet he writes:

“If there is a time one with credibility can cite excessive force, it is when some drugged-out trash sticks a gun in the mouth of your 7-year-old boy.

Will be interesting to follow the handling of the case by our honourable legal experts.”



This makes me think that the guy who got arrested is probably also a Kurd, since I don’t think there’s anybody in Sweden who gives a shit about actual Swedes…

And a quick reminder of what made Sweden like this in the first place:

Though to be fair – they didn’t really put up much of a fight…