Sweden: Lutheran “Church” Now has More Women Than Men Among Clergy

Sweden is the most equal place on earth. It’s so equal, they’ve nearly removed all the white from everything completely.

Sputnik News:

For the first time in history, the number of female clergy in the Church of Sweden has surpassed that of their male counterparts, the church newspaper Kyrkans tidning reported.

The share of women is now up to 50.1 percent, or 1,533, compared to 49.9 percent men or 1,527, the employers’s organisation Skao reported.

Among the deacons, however, the proportion is even more skewed, as wholly 89 percent are women. Among pastors, though, women still lag behind, at 37 percent.

Has anyone ever asked these bitches about how the religion they’re supposed to believe in forbids them from even talking in a church?

Or do they just gloss over that?

You can’t be a Christian and think that women can be priests at the same time – you can only do one or the other.

According to former dean Karin Burstrand, the issue of gender equality is of utmost importance for the church’s “credibility” in society.

“Should the church’s way of interpreting faith in relation to gender equality be completely different from society’s, then the church would cease to be relevant,” Burstrand told Kyrkans tidning.

So fads are more important than the literal word of the literal creator of the universe?


And then you wonder why you’re bleeding followers?

The Church of Sweden is the country’s national church and former state church. At roughly 5.8 million members, it is the largest Lutheran denomination in Europe and the third-largest in the world, trailing only those of Ethiopia and Tanzania.

The Church of Sweden is known today for its overtly liberal position in many theological issues, such as the question of homosexuality, as well as broad involvement in secular issues, such as helping immigrants and other groups it considers to be vulnerable. The Church of Sweden is also known for acceptance of and support for LGBT, with Bishop of Stockholm Eva Brunne being the first lesbian bishop in the world. The Church of Sweden is led by Archbishop Antje Jackélen, the country’s first female archbishop.

In recent years, however, the church has been leaking worshippers at a rate of 1-2 percent annually. Merely 2 percent of the flock are said to regularly attend Sunday services.

I don’t even understand why those 2% still go.

Nothing about this “church” is even vaguely related to Christianity anymore.

I’m assuming they’re all faggots and dykes and trannies, probably with some nonwhites there to get free stuff and grope old women.

It’s really a shame what happened to Protestantism in general, but it’s ultimately what you’d expect to happen.

The guy who started the thing told them how to avoid ending up like this, and they didn’t listen…